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  1. the science of naming and classifying organisms.
  2. Kingdom->Phylum->Class->Order->Family->Genus->Species
  3. is a segment of DNA that relates to a specific trait or function of an organism.
  4. are phyisical structures that were fully developed and functional in an ancestral group of organisms but are reduced and unused in the later species.
  5. an organism that is made up of many cells.
  6. the procss of arranging organisms into groups based on similarities.

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  1. adaptationthe evolution of new species from an existing species.


  2. Dichotomous keyasks a series of questions that can be anwsered in only two ways.


  3. unicellular organisman organism that is made up of many cells.


  4. fossilthe imprint or hardened remains of a plant or animal that lived long ago.


  5. Binomial nomenclaturedescribes a system of naming somthing using two names, or words.


  6. Genusa group of species that have similar characteristics.


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