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Chapter 6 and 7 Vocab Test

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  1. one of several periods in Earth's history when large numbers of species became extinct at nearly the same time.
  2. an early form of an organism from which later forms descend.
  3. the science of naming and classifying organisms.
  4. Kingdom->Phylum->Class->Order->Family->Genus->Species
  5. an organism that is made up of a single cell.
  6. a characteristic, a behavior, or any inherited trait that makes a species able to survive and reproduce in a particular enviroment.

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  1. Dichotomous keyasks a series of questions that can be anwsered in only two ways.


  2. The six kingdomsBacteria, Archaea, Protista, Fungi, Plantae, Anmalia


  3. Classificationthe evolution of new species from an existing species.


  4. genea group of species that have similar characteristics.


  5. Binomial nomenclaturedescribes a system of naming somthing using two names, or words.


  6. multicellular organisman organism that is made up of a single cell.


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