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  1. imperative sentance
  2. rhetoric
  3. oxymoron
  4. false dichotomy/ either-or arguement
  5. synedoche
  1. a art of persuasion in speaking
  2. b only considers 2 extremes when there are one or more possibilites
  3. c use of part of something to represent the whole thing
  4. d combines opposite ideas
  5. e gives a command

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  1. selecting and using only the facts that support your arguement
  2. attempt to support a statement by repeatin the statement in different terms
  3. expresses central idea of paragraph
  4. deliberate omission of conjuctions
  5. one assumes a claim for the sake of aguement that derives and absurd outcome

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  1. exclamatory sentanceexpreses strong emotion


  2. inferencegenerel conclusion derived from reasoning


  3. clicheover used expression


  4. antecedentclause reffered by a prounoun


  5. mixed metaphordirect comparison


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