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  1. proposition
  2. hasty generalization
  3. begging the question
  4. arguementum ad verecundiam
  5. sentimental appeal
  1. a declaration of the subject matter of an arguement
  2. b appeals to heart of audience so they will forget to use their minds
  3. c assumes parts of what a person claims are proven facts
  4. d leads you to conclusion by providing slective evidence
  5. e using prestige of authority to give an arguement power

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  1. speaking directly to some one who isnt there
  2. when the name of one object is substituted for another closely associated with it
  3. words used in meanings
  4. false or mistaken idea
  5. not telling the entire truth

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  1. personificationgiving human traits to inhuman objects


  2. transitionword that links different ideas


  3. inductionprocess of logic that moves from specific examples to a general conclusion


  4. imagerygroup of words that last a subject


  5. deductionprocess of logic that moves from general idea to specific instances


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