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  1. false analogy
  2. topic sentance
  3. paralellism
  4. amphibole
  5. coordination
  1. a grammatical equivalence between parts of a sentance
  2. b can be interpreted in more than one way due to ambigious grammar
  3. c illogical or misleading comparison
  4. d placing wors side by side and making them similair in form to show they are compatible in context and equally important
  5. e expresses central idea of paragraph

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  1. leads you to conclusion by providing slective evidence
  2. arrogant assertion of opinion
  3. appeals to the passions and prejudices of a group rather then to reason
  4. when the name of one object is substituted for another closely associated with it
  5. where less is said then actually meant

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  1. phraseidea that supports a conclusion


  2. faulty causesets up a cause and effect relationship where none actually exists


  3. fallacya cmparison that uses something familiar to explain something unfamiliar


  4. arguementdiscussion involving different points of views


  5. equivocationgrammatical equivalence between parts of a sentance


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