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  1. analogy
  2. imperative sentance
  3. faulty cause
  4. antithesis
  5. metonomy
  1. a staement expressing an opposing viewpoint
  2. b when the name of one object is substituted for another closely associated with it
  3. c sets up a cause and effect relationship where none actually exists
  4. d a cmparison that uses something familiar to explain something unfamiliar
  5. e gives a command

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  1. group of words that last a subject
  2. illogical or misleading comparison
  3. attacks integrity or character of a person who holds an idea
  4. using prestige of authority to give an arguement power
  5. using an indirect statement instead of a direct one in order to avoid being blunt

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  1. arguementum ad misericordiamusing prestige of authority to give an arguement power


  2. antithesisconcept directly opposing a previous idea


  3. ad populem arguementappeals to the passions and prejudices of a group rather then to reason


  4. sentimental appealappeals to heart of audience so they will forget to use their minds


  5. transitiondeclaration of the subject matter of an arguement


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