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  1. non- sequitur
  2. begging the question
  3. inference
  4. imperative sentance
  5. invesion/ anastophe
  1. a gives a command
  2. b reversing normal orders of parts of a sentance YODA
  3. c generel conclusion derived from reasoning
  4. d statement that doesnt logically relate to what came before it
  5. e assumes parts of what a person claims are proven facts

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  1. giving human traits to inhuman objects
  2. declaration of the subject matter of an arguement
  3. concept directly opposing a previous idea
  4. appeals to heart of audience so they will forget to use their minds
  5. oversimplifying an opponets arguement to make it easier to attack

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  1. dogmatismusing an indirect statement instead of a direct one in order to avoid being blunt


  2. assertationprocess of logic that moves from general idea to specific instances


  3. periodic sentancebliuds to a climatic statement in final main clause


  4. metonomywhen the name of one object is substituted for another closely associated with it


  5. asyntedondeliberate omission of conjuctions


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