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  1. faulty cause
  2. arguementum ad verecundiam
  3. rhetoric
  4. synaesthesia
  5. paralellism
  1. a sets up a cause and effect relationship where none actually exists
  2. b mingling two senses into a metaphor
  3. c placing wors side by side and making them similair in form to show they are compatible in context and equally important
  4. d art of persuasion in speaking
  5. e using prestige of authority to give an arguement power

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  1. type of personification giving human feelings to nature
  2. words indicated by 3 spaced dots
  3. to praise slightly that it can be taken as critism
  4. direct comparison using like or as
  5. declaration of the subject matter of an arguement

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  1. slippery slopeusing deliberate overstatement to make a point


  2. imagerywords or phrases that use a collection of images to create a mental picture


  3. exclamatory sentanceexpreses strong emotion


  4. ad hominem arguementattacks integrity or character of a person who holds an idea


  5. polysyndetondeliberate omission of conjuctions


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