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  1. begging the question
  2. propoganda literature
  3. arguementum ad baculum
  4. bandwagon appeals
  5. assertation
  1. a assumes parts of what a person claims are proven facts
  2. b statement about a debatable topic that can be supported by evidence
  3. c encourages audience to agree with a position because everyone else does
  4. d implicitly or explicitly threatens audience
  5. e appeals to fear or prejudice designed to influence public opinion

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  1. use of part of something to represent the whole thing
  2. placing wors side by side and making them similair in form to show they are compatible in context and equally important
  3. combines opposite ideas
  4. more conjuctions then normal
  5. not telling the entire truth

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  1. transitiondeclaration of the subject matter of an arguement


  2. scare tacticsstatement about a debatable topic that can be supported by evidence


  3. periodic sentancebliuds to a climatic statement in final main clause


  4. straw maninverted parrelism


  5. circular reasoningattempt to shift attentin away from an important issue by introducing an irrelevant topic


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