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  1. ad populem arguement
  2. assertation
  3. analogy
  4. false dichotomy/ either-or arguement
  5. figurative language
  1. a statement about a debatable topic that can be supported by evidence
  2. b a cmparison that uses something familiar to explain something unfamiliar
  3. c language that is meant to be taken imaginatively
  4. d appeals to the passions and prejudices of a group rather then to reason
  5. e only considers 2 extremes when there are one or more possibilites

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  1. selecting and using only the facts that support your arguement
  2. deliberate omission of conjuctions
  3. over used expression
  4. states main idea immendiately then addas details
  5. appeal to sympathy of the audience

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  1. periodic sentancetype of personification giving human feelings to nature


  2. mixed metaphordirect comparison


  3. loaded questionwhen some one asks a question that assumes something else that has not been proven or accepted by all people involved


  4. inductionprocess of logic that moves from specific examples to a general conclusion


  5. equivocationdeclaration of the subject matter of an arguement


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