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  1. slippery slope
  2. chiasmus
  3. topic sentance
  4. false analogy
  5. personification
  1. a expresses central idea of paragraph
  2. b giving human traits to inhuman objects
  3. c illogical or misleading comparison
  4. d suggests dier consequences re relatively minor causes
  5. e inverted parrelism

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  1. selecting and using only the facts that support your arguement
  2. directly expresses authors opinion,purpose,meaning of text
  3. mingling two senses into a metaphor
  4. words indicated by 3 spaced dots
  5. words used in meanings

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  1. litoteover used expression


  2. ad hominem arguementattacks integrity or character of a person who holds an idea


  3. balanced sentancegives a command


  4. arguementdiscussion involving different points of views


  5. begging the questionwhen some one asks a question that assumes something else that has not been proven or accepted by all people involved


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