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  1. appeal to ignorance
  2. cumlative/loose sentance
  3. antithesis
  4. exclamatory sentance
  5. arguementum ad verecundiam
  1. a using prestige of authority to give an arguement power
  2. b concept directly opposing a previous idea
  3. c whatever has been proven false must be true
  4. d expreses strong emotion
  5. e states main idea immendiately then addas details

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  1. consists of major premise, minor premise, and a conclusion
  2. attempt to shift attentin away from an important issue by introducing an irrelevant topic
  3. diverting attention from issues speaker does not want to discuss
  4. leads you to conclusion by providing slective evidence
  5. group of words that last a subject

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  1. pathetic fallacyexpresses central idea of paragraph


  2. damning with faint praiseto praise slightly that it can be taken as critism


  3. imagerya cmparison that uses something familiar to explain something unfamiliar


  4. scare tacticsfrighten audience into agreeing with speaker


  5. metonomydirect comparison


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