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  1. The observable characteristics or traits of an organism
  2. A chart used to show all the ways genes from two parents can combine to form offspring with genetic material from both cells
  3. The genetic makeup of an organism; all the genes that an organism has
  4. The passing of genes from parents to offsprin; the genes are expressed in the traits of the offspring
  5. A female reproductive cell or gamete that forms in the reproductive organs of a female and has just a single copy of the genetic material of the parent
  6. A term that describes the allele that determines the phenotype of an individual organism when two different copies are present in the genotype

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  1. FertilizationPart of the process of sexual reproduction in which a male reproductive cell and a female reproductive cell combine to make a new cell that can develop into a new organism


  2. MeiosisA part of sexual reproduction in which cells divide to form sperm cells in a male and egg cells in a female. This only occurs only in reproductive cells


  3. AlleleThe basic unit of heredity that consists of a segment of DNA on a chromosome


  4. ReccessiveA term that describes an allele that is not expressed when combined with a dominant form of the gene


  5. GameteThe basic unit of heredity that consists of a segment of DNA on a chromosome


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