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  1. superfluous
  2. suffrage
  3. resolute
  4. infraction
  5. abstemious
  1. a A violation, especially of law
  2. b determined; unshakable
  3. c beyond what is required extra
  4. d sparing or moderate especialy in eating and drinking
  5. e the right to vote, or a vote itself

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  1. saying or writing much in few words
  2. the highest; above the rest
  3. to make a firm decision about.
  4. clearly expressed; exact; accurate in every detail
  5. to look at something carefully by attention to its parts

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  1. infringeto go beyond set limits


  2. abhorto relieve of blame or obligation; to pardon a sin


  3. abscondTo leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself


  4. ascertainto perceive; to detect differences


  5. discernto perceive; to detect differences


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