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  1. infraction
  2. resolute
  3. concise
  4. Abrasive
  5. Abound
  1. a Harsh; Rough
  2. b saying or writing much in few words
  3. c to exist in great quantities or numbers
  4. d determined; unshakable
  5. e A violation, especially of law

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  1. a substance for killing plants especially weeds
  2. showing tact, respect, and restraint in speech or behavior
  3. To leave quickly and secretly and hide oneself
  4. sparing or moderate especialy in eating and drinking
  5. to perceive; to detect differences

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  1. superfluousthe highest; above the rest


  2. Superlativethe highest; above the rest


  3. precisesaying or writing much in few words


  4. analyzea force or person causing action especially without being involved or changed by the consequences


  5. suffragethe right to vote, or a vote itself


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