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  1. a series of rulers from the same family; the royal family
  2. 1. good farming = surplus of grains (wheat/barley)
    2. grain could be traded for copper and wood
    3. people from other regions came to Egypt to make these trades
  3. a shortage of food
  4. an Egyptian ruler or king

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  1. papyrusused as paper by Egyptian scribes to record information


  2. hieroglyph1. life after death
    Egyptians believed they would need their bodies (this is why they made mummies), their belongings, their pets, etc. in the afterlife


  3. How are Hatshepsut/Amenhotep IV unusual rulers?1. Hatshepsut = female pharaoh (most pharaohs were men)
    2. Amenhotep IV = tried to change religious beliefs of Egypt; abandoned most of gods of Egypt and built temples to worship sun god (Aton)


  4. pyramidsbuilt to be tombs for Egyptian kings


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