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  1. Natural Rights
  2. Main Idea Behind the Enlightenment
  3. Diderot
  4. Natural Law
  5. Social Contract
  1. a Through the use of reason, the government can solve every social, political and economic problem
  2. b a law that is universal and determined by nature
  3. c If people obey the laws of the government, the government will protect their rights
  4. d life, liberty, property
  5. e wrote the 28-book set of the encyclopedia. he included enlightened ideas and ideas of important philosophers

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  1. a chemist who refined the alchemists views on building blocks and made new discoveries about matter
  2. created the idea that the government should be broken into three branches and the idea of checks and balances
  3. a scientist who challenged the church and wanted to discover the truth. He learned by experiments and observations
  4. an astronomer who found evidence that the sun was at the center of the universe, not earth. He wrote books about this but was tried before the Inquisition because he was a practicing Catholic and his ideas went against the church
  5. absolute rulers who adapted enlightened ideas about religion, censorship, property and torture so that they wouldnt get overthrown

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  1. Thomas Hobbesbelieved in a strong government that was involved in everything. he believed that people are naturally evil and that with out a government life would be a state of nature, total chaos


  2. Saloninformal social gatherings where people came together to discuss ideas


  3. Copernicusan educated guess that provided a direction for scientists experiments


  4. Adam Smithargued for a free market


  5. Descartesa scientist who challenged the church and wanted to discover the truth. He learned by human reasoning


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