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  1. what is incomplete dominance
  2. what is hypotonic
  3. what is DNA
  4. what are the products of the Calvin Cycle
  5. what is isotope
  1. a when you have a blending of phenotypes
  2. b low solute
  3. c G3P
  4. d equal solute
  5. e DNA is hereditary material

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  1. made up of nucleotides
  2. endocytosis
  3. alternative form of a gene
  4. prokaryotes have a nucleus
  5. to transport electrons

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  1. what is a nonsense mutationa mixture of two substances at the same place


  2. what is the function of tRNApores in the leaves and it allows the passage of oxygen and carbon dioxide into the leaf


  3. what nitrogenous bases are complementary to each othereverything that's not in the nucleus


  4. what is the function of DNA polymerasethe enzyme that joins complimentary


  5. what protein in the thylakoid membrane makes ATPcholesterol


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