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  1. what organelle is used with cellular respiration
  2. during what phase does the synthesis of DNA occur
  3. what is a nucleic acid
  4. what is a solute
  5. describe the structure of a nucleotide
  1. a mitochondria
  2. b what is dissolved
  3. c made of sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogenous base
  4. d interphase or S phase of interphase
  5. e made up of nucleotides

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  1. the nucleus
  2. as cells get larger, the surface area gets larger at a slower rate than the volume
  3. dehydration syntheses takes water out and you add molecules together and hydrolysis is the breaking up of molecules, but you need to add water
  4. a chromosome is DNA that is coiled and folded. Chromatin is DNA that is uncoilecd
  5. prokaryotes have a nucleus

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  1. what is ATP broken down intohigh solute


  2. which way will water move in different solutionswater has its major properties because it is a polar covalently bonded molecule. this makes water polar


  3. what is the function of mRNAtakes the genetic code to the ribosome


  4. list the steps of protein synthesis beginning with DNA ending with proteinDNA, RNA, protein


  5. what are the products and reactants of photosynthesiscarbon dioxide+ water and the reactants are oxygen + sugar


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