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  1. describe the structure of a nucleotide
  2. what happens during prophase
  3. what is the process of moving things outside the cell
  4. what happens during translation
  5. what are the stages of the cell cycle
  1. a exocytosis
  2. b interphase and mitotic phase
  3. c nuclear envelope disappears and chromosomes become distinct
  4. d the process by which a protein is constructed in the cytoplasm
  5. e made of sugar, a phosphate and a nitrogenous base

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  1. nucleotides are bonded together to make up nucleic acids
  2. the nucleus
  3. mitochondria
  4. consists of cytosis ad cytokinesis
  5. heterozygous Ww

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  1. what is an allelealternative form of a gene


  2. what is NAD+an electron transporter that accepts electrons and hydrogen


  3. what happens during transcriptiondaughter chromosomes separate and they move away from each other


  4. what is a solutiona mixture of two substances at the same place


  5. which way will water move in different solutionswater will always move from the hypotonig to hypertonic


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