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  1. what parts of the plasma membrane stregnthen it
  2. what nitrogen bases are found in RNA
  3. if a women with a widows peak has a child with a straight hairline, what is her genotype
  4. what is the function of RUBP during photosynthesis?
  5. how does water have its major properties
  1. a ammine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil
  2. b water has its major properties because it is a polar covalently bonded molecule. this makes water polar
  3. c it bonds with C02 to make a 6 carbon molecule
  4. d heterozygous Ww
  5. e cholesterol

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  1. ATP synthase
  2. made up of nucleotides
  3. daughter chromosomes separate and they move away from each other
  4. where you have a loose fit of the phospholipids and the phosphate is pointed outward from the membrane, and cholesterol is embedded within the membrane
  5. the endoplasmic reticulum and the vesicles are modifies by the Golgi apparatus

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  1. what is a lipidthe amount of energy to raise 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celsius


  2. what is a point mutation?frame shift mutation is not a form of point mutation


  3. what happens during prophasenuclear envelope disappears and chromosomes become distinct


  4. what is the function of stomatatakes the genetic code to the ribosome


  5. what makes up a nucleotide vs. a nucleic acidnucleotides are bonded together to make up nucleic acids


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