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  1. are the gametes diploid or haploid? what does each mean?
  2. what is a protein
  3. what are the products of the Calvin Cycle
  4. what are microtubules
  5. what does mendel's law of segregation state
  1. a G3P
  2. b small protein fibers that make up the cytoskeleton
  3. c made by amino acids and they bond together with a peptide bond
  4. d gametes are haploid. Diploid means twice chromosomes and haploid means half chromosomes.
  5. e implies that 2 members of an allele pair are distributed to separate gametes

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  1. a nonsense mutation is one that changes a condon into a stop-condon
  2. they open their stomata at night
  3. ADP and a phosphate
  4. isotopes are atoms that have a different number of neutrons than protons.
  5. DNA is covered to messenger DNA

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  1. where does the translation occurat the ribosome


  2. what makes up a nucleotide vs. a nucleic acidnucleotides are bonded together to make up nucleic acids


  3. what are the general parts of the reactions within Cell RespirationG3P


  4. through which process in photosynthesis does water get split and oxygen get releasedwater or H20


  5. what is the nucleolus and its functiona nonsense mutation is one that changes a condon into a stop-condon


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