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  1. what is ATP broken down into
  2. list the steps of protein synthesis beginning with DNA ending with protein
  3. what is a calorie
  4. what happens during translation
  5. what protein in the thylakoid membrane makes ATP
  1. a DNA, RNA, protein
  2. b ADP and a phosphate
  3. c the amount of energy to raise 1 gram of water to 1 degree Celsius
  4. d the process by which a protein is constructed in the cytoplasm
  5. e ATP synthase

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  1. the nucleus
  2. isotopes are atoms that have a different number of neutrons than protons.
  3. 0%
  4. turgor- different concentrations of pressure from different sides of a membrane
    atmospheric- pushes water
  5. low solute

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  1. what are the products of the Calvin Cycleto complete the Okazaki fragments


  2. what are soapsenergy used to have active transport


  3. what is the differences between dehydration and hydrolysis?prokaryotes have a nucleus


  4. what organelle is used with photosynthesismitochondria


  5. what happens during metaphasechromosomes align on the metaphase plate


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