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  1. what nitrogen bases are found in RNA
  2. what are the products and reactants of photosynthesis
  3. during what phase does the synthesis of DNA occur
  4. what is DNA
  5. what happens during transcription
  1. a ammine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil
  2. b carbon dioxide+ water and the reactants are oxygen + sugar
  3. c DNA is hereditary material
  4. d DNA is covered to messenger DNA
  5. e interphase or S phase of interphase

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  1. cell death and it is a neat and internal way that the cell kills itself
  2. they are all sugar based molecules.
  3. water has its major properties because it is a polar covalently bonded molecule. this makes water polar
  4. water will always move from the hypotonig to hypertonic
  5. the nucleolus makes ribosomes, found in the nucleus

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  1. describe the cell division in prokaryotesthe replication of DNA followed by the elongation of the cell and division of the cell.


  2. what are soapsbases and theyare emulsifiers


  3. what are the stages of the cell cycleinterphase and mitotic phase


  4. what is RNAbases and theyare emulsifiers


  5. what is a condon? how many nucleotides form one condonexons contain the information for the structure of a protein. Introns do not, they are spliced out


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