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  1. what is the process of moving things into a cell
  2. what is the function of a helicase
  3. what is the difference between Prokaryotes and Eukaryotes
  4. which way will water move in different solutions
  5. how does a defective or faulty p53 affect cell division
  1. a water will always move from the hypotonig to hypertonic
  2. b endocytosis
  3. c it is the enzyme responsible for unwinding the DNA double helix
  4. d cancer is likely to develop from the defective p53 gene
  5. e prokaryotes have a nucleus

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  1. oxygen
  2. DNA, RNA, protein
  3. equal solute
  4. pores in the leaves and it allows the passage of oxygen and carbon dioxide into the leaf
  5. transfer amino acids to the ribosome

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  1. what is a condon? how many nucleotides form one condonnucleotides are bonded together to make up nucleic acids


  2. what is a substitution mutationsubstitution is when a gene mutation in which a nucleotide replaces another nucleotide


  3. what is apoptosiswhat is dissolved


  4. what is ATP broken down intoADP and a phosphate


  5. what organelles are found in the cytoplasmammine, guanine, cytosine, and uracil


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