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  1. through which process in photosynthesis does water get split and oxygen get released
  2. what are the stages of cell division
  3. what are polar covalent bonds
  4. what is a lipid
  5. what is the function of RUBP during photosynthesis?
  1. a consists of cytosis ad cytokinesis
  2. b it bonds with C02 to make a 6 carbon molecule
  3. c non-cyclic electron flow..the smoking frog
  4. d important for cell membranes, and they are made of glycerol and fatty acids
  5. e they are formed by covalently polar bonded electrons

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  1. chromosomes align on the metaphase plate
  2. ionic, covalent, hydrogen
  3. energy used to have active transport
  4. takes the genetic code to the ribosome
  5. cell death and it is a neat and internal way that the cell kills itself

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  1. what is an intron and what is an exonexons contain the information for the structure of a protein. Introns do not, they are spliced out


  2. when do muscles produce lactic acidat the ribosome


  3. what is the function of tRNAtransfer amino acids to the ribosome


  4. what are the reactions in cell respirationtranscription and translation


  5. from what reactant in the photosynthesis is the product oxygen derived forminterphase or S phase of interphase


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