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  1. what is the definition of a genotype
  2. what is a condon? how many nucleotides form one condon
  3. what is a solution
  4. what are enzymes
  5. what is a lipid
  1. a a mixture of two substances at the same place
  2. b amino acids chained together, and enzymes speed up the rate of reactions
  3. c it is made up of 3 nucleotides on the messenger RNA strand
  4. d the gene combination
  5. e important for cell membranes, and they are made of glycerol and fatty acids

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  1. they link together with a protein to make a ribosome
  2. when multiple genes code for the same trait
  3. ADP and a phosphate
  4. pairs of factors separate independently of other pairs of factors, its independent assortment
  5. substitution is when a gene mutation in which a nucleotide replaces another nucleotide

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  1. what is the difference between active and passive transportactive transport requires ATP, moves things against a concentration gradient from low to high while passive does not require energy and passes things from high to low


  2. what are the reactions in cell respirationC6H206+ 02


  3. what is the function of RUBP during photosynthesis?the gene combination


  4. what are the stages of cell divisionconsists of cytosis ad cytokinesis


  5. what is isotopecell death and it is a neat and internal way that the cell kills itself


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