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  1. what happens during anaphase
  2. what is the function of rRNA
  3. what is apoptosis
  4. what nitrogenous bases are complementary to each other
  5. what important information did franklin's x-ray diffraction photograph show
  1. a it showed that the DNA structure is a double helix
  2. b G's bond with C's. and A's bond with T's
  3. c cell death and it is a neat and internal way that the cell kills itself
  4. d daughter chromosomes separate and they move away from each other
  5. e they link together with a protein to make a ribosome

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  1. cancer is likely to develop from the defective p53 gene
  2. the nucleolus makes ribosomes, found in the nucleus
  3. bases and theyare emulsifiers
  4. exocytosis
  5. the dissolving agent

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  1. what makes up a nucleotide vs. a nucleic acidto complete the Okazaki fragments


  2. what are isotopesisotopes are atoms that have a different number of neutrons than protons.


  3. which microscope provides the best resolutionElectron


  4. what does the surface-area-to-volume ration of a cell indicatethe gene combination


  5. what are the products of the Calvin Cycleinterphase and mitotic phase


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