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  1. Repeal
  2. Treaty of Paris
  3. Tea Act
  4. Louisburg
  5. Paul Revere
  1. a a 1763 argument that ended the French and Indian War and marked the end of French power in North America
  2. b 1773, let company bypass tea merchants and sell directly to colonists
  3. c to cancel, stop
  4. d from Massachusetts, made a famous engraving of the Boston Massacre
  5. e Major General Amherst captured this fort in 1758- tide of the battle returned

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  1. Became the new head of British government- sent his best generals, money, and supplies to North America
  2. a war that took place from 1754 to 1763 between England and France that led to the end of French power in North America
  3. law forbidding colonists to settle west of the Appalachian mountains
  4. born in 1706 and was the son of a poor Boston soap and candle maker
  5. General Braddock led colonial troops toward this fort- French launched a surprise attack and defeated Braddock's troops

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  1. Plains of Abrahama field near Quebec and the sight of a major British Victory over the French in the French and Indian War


  2. Intolerable Actsfour laws, very harsh


  3. Samuel Adamsfrom Massachusetts, wrote to spur colonists to action (Daughters of Liberty)


  4. Pontiac's Warfrom Massachusetts, had a knowledge of British law that earned his respect


  5. George Washingtona bold, young leader who was only 22 years old in 1754 when he led 150 men


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