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  1. Pontiac's War
  2. Plains of Abraham
  3. Louisburg
  4. Writs of Assistance
  5. Benjamin Franklin
  1. a a 1763 conflict between the Native Americans and the British over settlement of Indian lands in the Great Lakes area
  2. b Major General Amherst captured this fort in 1758- tide of the battle returned
  3. c born in 1706 and was the son of a poor Boston soap and candle maker
  4. d legal document that allowed British custom officials to inspect a ship's cargo without giving a reason
  5. e a field near Quebec and the sight of a major British Victory over the French in the French and Indian War

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  1. formal written request to someone in authority; signed by a group of people
  2. set up government for Canada, gave religious freedom to French Catholics
  3. 1774, delegates from all colonies accept Georgia, met in Philadelphia, agreed to support Boston
  4. Franklin proposed this plan for "one general government"- colonial assemblies turned this plan down
  5. four laws, very harsh

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  1. Samuel Adamsinvolved in Boston Tea Party, was at First Continental Congress meeting


  2. Abigail Adamsfrom Massachusetts, wrote to spur colonists to action (Daughters of Liberty)


  3. Fort NecessityGeneral Braddock led colonial troops toward this fort- French launched a surprise attack and defeated Braddock's troops


  4. Repealto cancel, stop


  5. Thomas Jeffersonfrom Virginia, was a rising law student


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