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  1. Atlas Mountain
  2. Addis Ababba
  3. Cairo
  4. Suez Canal
  5. Emperor Haile Selassie
  1. a capitol of Ethiopia
  2. b began a program of modernization
  3. c large mountain range where most precipitation falls along the northwest coast
  4. d Egypt's capital and Africa's largest city
  5. e connects two bodies of water, the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea

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  1. founded by an American group as a home for freed American black slaves and later became independent
  2. produces enough power to meet more than half of Egypt's needs and provides year-round irrigation in the Nile Valley and controlled flooding
  3. dictator that took over Congo and renamed it Zaire
  4. short descendants of the original inhabitants
  5. was instrumental in making Egypt the first Arab nation to make peace with Israel

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  1. Khartoummeans 'elephant trunk' and is the capital of Sudan


  2. Suddthe largest country in Africa


  3. Lake Victoriathe world's second largest freshwater lake


  4. Serengeti national parkfamous for it's Savanna wildlife


  5. Republic of Sudanthe world's second largest freshwater lake


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