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  1. portentous
  2. restitution
  3. obscure
  4. reconcile
  5. arrogant
  1. a behaving in a superior or haughty manner, condescending
  2. b ominous; threatening
  3. c not clearly understood or expressed
  4. d the act of making goods or compensating for loss; restoring something to its rightful owner
  5. e to settle; to adjust or to make up after a fight

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  1. having great physical power, robust, sturdy
  2. disobedient, badly behaved
  3. long and boring
  4. deserted, plain
  5. to handle a weapon with skill

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  1. marto spoil or damage


  2. squalidfilthy and miserable


  3. bawdyreligious reverence and devotion


  4. sanctuarya place of refuge or safety


  5. sumptuousof a size or splendor suggesting great expense; lavish


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