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  1. speculation
  2. formidable
  3. languish
  4. involuntary
  5. florid
  1. a excessively ornamented, flowery
  2. b a guess, theory, or hypothesis
  3. c uncontrollable
  4. d to weaken or sag with loss of strength
  5. e admirable or awe-inspiring

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  1. sharp, bitter or cutting
  2. not clearly understood or expressed
  3. contentedly confident of one's superiority; self satisfied
  4. attitude or temperament
  5. to perplex, to bewilder, to confuse

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  1. fatuousmorally excellent


  2. atoneamends made for an injure or wrong; recompense


  3. expungeto strike, to erase, to remove


  4. revivea remaining trace of something that no longer exists


  5. temerityto yield, to give in


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