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  1. purge
  2. fester
  3. perforate
  4. pestilence
  5. rebuke
  1. a a deadly epidemic disease
  2. b to irritate or worsen
  3. c to punch, to make a hole into or between
  4. d to cleanse, forgive or get rid of
  5. e a criticism or reprimand

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  1. to subside, decrease or decline
  2. to be greater in strength or influence; to predominate
  3. free from deceit or deception
  4. not prominent or noticeable
  5. a feeling of deep regret

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  1. invocationlack of necessities


  2. sanctuaryof a size or splendor suggesting great expense; lavish


  3. causticfilthy and miserable


  4. disconsolateto settle; to adjust or to make up after a fight


  5. subpoenajoyful and proud, elated


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