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  1. paramour
  2. valor
  3. libations
  4. prevail
  5. quell
  1. a to be greater in strength or influence; to predominate
  2. b prohibited lover
  3. c the pouring of liquid
  4. d bravery
  5. e to crush completely, to quiet; to overcome

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  1. to seize power and position of another without authority
  2. to spoil or damage
  3. to ripple, to roll like waves
  4. filthy and miserable
  5. a journey by a large group to escape a hostile enviroment

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  1. profanewise, judicious


  2. impudentdisrespectful, improper


  3. festersharp, bitter or cutting


  4. inundatean overflow; a flood


  5. irkto irritate, to vex, to annoy


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