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  1. mar
  2. libations
  3. prevail
  4. impetuous
  5. mutiny
  1. a to be greater in strength or influence; to predominate
  2. b characterized by sudden or rash action
  3. c rebellion or overthrow of a leader
  4. d the pouring of liquid
  5. e to spoil or damage

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  1. menacing; threatening
  2. showing irritability or an ill temper
  3. a temporary stay
  4. an appeal to a higher power to get help
  5. a nuance, an slight difference

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  1. succinctbrief and to the point


  2. wantonimmoral, unchaste or lewd


  3. spuriousinauthentic, false, not genuine


  4. dirgeto ridicule or make fun of


  5. languishprotection or patronage


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