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  1. perforate
  2. hone
  3. expunge
  4. usurp
  5. herald
  1. a to sharpen, to make perfect
  2. b to seize power and position of another without authority
  3. c to punch, to make a hole into or between
  4. d messenger
  5. e to strike, to erase, to remove

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  1. damnation; loss of the soul
  2. violation of a law or duty
  3. an earnest request for something
  4. protection or patronage
  5. causing misery, a disaster

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  1. fraydeserted, plain


  2. jubilantjoyful and proud, elated


  3. repentwise, judicious


  4. prevailto be greater in strength or influence; to predominate


  5. resilientable to cope; able to recover or return to an earlier state


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