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  1. perforate
  2. speculation
  3. solemn
  4. disparage
  5. privation
  1. a to speak of in a disrespectful way, to put down
  2. b serious, deeply earnest
  3. c lack of necessities
  4. d a guess, theory, or hypothesis
  5. e to punch, to make a hole into or between

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  1. to ridicule or make fun of
  2. innocent, naive, trusting
  3. with good judgement or common sense
  4. excessively ornamented, flowery
  5. disrespectful, improper

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  1. ambiguityhaving more than one meaning


  2. visagea funeral song


  3. portentousominous; threatening


  4. asperityskill in the use of hands; body or mind, quickness


  5. amorousa journey by a large group to escape a hostile enviroment


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