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  1. involuntary
  2. prodigious
  3. mutiny
  4. aggregate
  5. temerity
  1. a reckless, boldness, audacity
  2. b a collection, an amount
  3. c uncontrollable
  4. d rebellion or overthrow of a leader
  5. e impressively great in size or force

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  1. eager, enthusiastic
  2. a guess, theory, or hypothesis
  3. deserted, plain
  4. contentedly confident of one's superiority; self satisfied
  5. the act of making goods or compensating for loss; restoring something to its rightful owner

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  1. maliceto spoil or damage


  2. pensiveto return to life; to bring back from a state of unconsciousness


  3. pestilencean outward appearance that is misleading


  4. morbidexcessively ornamented, flowery


  5. spuriousinauthentic, false, not genuine


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