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  1. deride
  2. paramour
  3. solemn
  4. pestilence
  5. libations
  1. a the pouring of liquid
  2. b a deadly epidemic disease
  3. c to ridicule or make fun of
  4. d serious, deeply earnest
  5. e prohibited lover

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  1. joyful and proud, elated
  2. to accustom to hardship, difficulty or pain
  3. to regret or mourn
  4. an act of showing respect
  5. to the highest degree

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  1. assuageto pacify, to relieve, to appease


  2. discernto perceive, see or recognize


  3. subpoenaa nuance, an slight difference


  4. mawto spoil or damage


  5. temerityshowing irritability or an ill temper


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