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  1. Fundamental Attribution Error
  2. Dispositional factors
  3. Retention
  4. Scarcity
  5. Individualism
  1. a personal (internal) factors
  2. b The observer must be able to remember the behaviour that has been observed from the model.
  3. c Opportunities seem more valuable to people when they are less readily available.
  4. d Ties between individuals are loose, everyone is expected to look after his/her family
  5. e When people overestimate the role of dispositional factors in an individual's behaviour and underestimate the situational factors.

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  1. the variable that causes change in the other variables
  2. the results can be replicated
  3. An indirect social influence in which a person adjusts one's thoughts, feelings, behaviors in agreement with someone else or with a social norm.

    Study: Asch (1951)
  4. A researcher observes the behavior of an individual or group of individuals. Case studies are often focused on a limited aspect of behavior
  5. A compliance technique in which a request is made which will surely be turned down, and then is followed by a request that will ask less of someone.

    Study: Cialdini et al (1975)

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  1. Gate KeepersTeachers, Parents, Religious leaders, peers. (People through whom norms are learned)


  2. Ecological ValidityWhen one looks at two different cultures, it should not be assumed that two members from two different cultures must be different from one another, or that a single member of a culture will always demonstrate the dimensions which are the norm of that culture.


  3. social proofNorms and values that define a society or social group.


  4. confounding variablesundesirable variables that influence the relationship between the independent and dependent variables


  5. Monochronic cultureThe observer has to be able to replicate.


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