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  1. Informational Social Influence
  2. Individualism
  3. Illusory Correlation
  4. Culture
  5. Identification with the model
  1. a Ties between individuals are loose, everyone is expected to look after his/her family
  2. b When people see a relationship between two variables even when there is none.
  3. c Norms and values that define a society or social group.
  4. d Reasons why people conform. Based on the way people cognitively process information about a situation. (social comparison or cognitive dissonance)
  5. e Tendency to imitate models who are like ourselves. Factor of Motivation

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  1. When one looks at two different cultures, it should not be assumed that two members from two different cultures must be different from one another, or that a single member of a culture will always demonstrate the dimensions which are the norm of that culture.
  2. people comply more often with those in a position of authority
  3. many things happen at once. The focus is more on relationships and interactions. Interruptions are expected, there is little frustration experienced when things are postponed or late.
  4. These cultures value personal steadiness and stability. There is a focus on the future instead of the past, and innovation is highly valued
  5. Within cross-cultural psychology where behaviour is compared across specific cultures.

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  1. StereotypeOpportunities seem more valuable to people when they are less readily available.


  2. Ecological ValidityThe study represents what happens in real life


  3. Motor ReproductionThe observer has to be able to replicate.


  4. uncertainty avoidancedeals with a society's tolerance for uncertainty and ambiguity.


  5. Social ComparisonIdea that we learn about and assess ourselves in comparison to others. This suggests that we will be happier if we have more than the person we compare ourselves to.


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