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  1. Liking the model
  2. authority
  3. Confederates
  4. correlational study
  5. stereotype threat
  1. a occurs when one is in a situation where there is a threat of being judged or treated stereotypically, or a fear of doing something that would inadvertently confirm that stereotype
  2. b People whom the researchers inject into their study to influence the subjects in one way or another.
  3. c studies that aim to find a cause and effect relationship.
  4. d Warm and friendly models are more likely to be imitated.
  5. e people comply more often with those in a position of authority

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  1. people comply with requests from people they like
  2. whether the study represents what happens in real life
  3. a small sample that represents a population
  4. when the participants act differently simply because they know that they are in an experiment.
  5. When both variables are affected in the same way.

    i.e.= The more you eat, the more you gain weight.

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  1. IndividualismTies between individuals are loose, everyone is expected to look after his/her family


  2. Case studyA researcher observes the behavior of an individual or group of individuals. Case studies are often focused on a limited aspect of behavior


  3. low ballinginvolves changing an offer to make it less attractive to the target person after the person has agreed.
    Cialdini et al. (1974) = psych students


  4. Confirmation BiasLearners must want to demonstrate what they have learned.


  5. ScarcityOpportunities seem more valuable to people when they are less readily available.


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