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  1. Ecological Fallacy
  2. Scarcity
  3. reciprocity
  4. Gate Keepers
  5. Stereotype
  1. a A social perception of an individual in terms of group membership of physical attributes. OR Positive or negative generalizations that are made about a group and then attributed to the members of that group.
  2. b people often feel they need to return a favour
  3. c Opportunities seem more valuable to people when they are less readily available.
  4. d When one looks at two different cultures, it should not be assumed that two members from two different cultures must be different from one another, or that a single member of a culture will always demonstrate the dimensions which are the norm of that culture.
  5. e Teachers, Parents, Religious leaders, peers. (People through whom norms are learned)

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  1. Tendency to imitate models who are like ourselves. Factor of Motivation
  2. the results can be replicated
  3. Emotional distress and pressure that may undermine performance.
  4. the variable that causes change in the other variables
  5. As one variable increases, the other decreases.
    i.e.= The higher you go, the colder it gets (height increases, temperature decreases)

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  1. Long term orientationThese cultures value personal steadiness and stability. There is a focus on the future instead of the past, and innovation is highly valued


  2. 3 Principles- Social and cultural environment influences individual behaviour.
    - Humans are social animals and have the basic need to belong.
    - We construct our conceptions of the individual and social self.


  3. Confirmation BiasAn indirect social influence in which a person adjusts one's thoughts, feelings, behaviors in agreement with someone else or with a social norm.

    Study: Asch (1951)


  4. situational factorsexternal factors


  5. likingpeople comply with requests from people they like


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