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  1. Enzyme
  2. Polymer
  3. Theory
  4. Covalent bond
  5. Evolution
  1. a a large molecule or macromolecule, made of many monomers bonded together
  2. b a catalyst for a chemical reaction, lower the activation energy
  3. c the change in living things over time
  4. d proposed explanation for a wide range of observations and experimental results that is supported by a wide range of evidence
  5. e a bond that forms when atoms chare a pair of electrons

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  1. a particular type of living thing that can reproduce by interbreeding among themselves
  2. segment of DNA that stored genetic information
  3. experimental data collected through observation and measurement
  4. the amount of energy that needs to be absorbed for a chemical reaction to start
  5. a chemical reaction that absorbs more energy than it releases

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  1. Metabolismall the chemical processes which build up or break down materials


  2. Cellsbasic unit of life


  3. Bond energyscientific study of all forms of life


  4. Exothermica chemical reaction that absorbs more energy than it releases


  5. Independent variablea condition that is manipulated or changed by a scientist


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