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  1. Hypothesis
  2. Gene
  3. Biology
  4. Evolution
  5. Bond energy
  1. a scientific study of all forms of life
  2. b segment of DNA that stored genetic information
  3. c the change in living things over time
  4. d : the amount of energy that will break a bond between two atoms
  5. e proposed answer for a scientific question, specific and testable

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  1. basic unit of life
  2. all the chemical processes which build up or break down materials
  3. maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism
  4. a condition that is manipulated or changed by a scientist
  5. a particular type of living thing that can reproduce by interbreeding among themselves

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  1. Dependent variableexperimental data collected through observation and measurement


  2. Ionic bonda bond that forms when atoms chare a pair of electrons


  3. Exothermica chemical reaction that absorbs more energy than it releases


  4. Polymera catalyst for a chemical reaction, lower the activation energy


  5. Endothermica chemical reaction that absorbs more energy than it releases


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