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  1. Dependent variable
  2. Covalent bond
  3. Endothermic
  4. Homeostasis
  5. Ionic bond
  1. a a bond that forms through the electrical force between oppositely charged ions
  2. b maintenance of constant internal conditions in an organism
  3. c a chemical reaction that absorbs more energy than it releases
  4. d a bond that forms when atoms chare a pair of electrons
  5. e experimental data collected through observation and measurement

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  1. all the chemical processes which build up or break down materials
  2. any individual living thing
  3. the amount of energy that needs to be absorbed for a chemical reaction to start
  4. proposed answer for a scientific question, specific and testable
  5. : the amount of energy that will break a bond between two atoms

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  1. Enzymesegment of DNA that stored genetic information


  2. Independent variablea condition that is manipulated or changed by a scientist


  3. Theorybasic unit of life


  4. Cellssegment of DNA that stored genetic information


  5. Genesegment of DNA that stored genetic information


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