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  1. elucidate
  2. buoyant
  3. indolence
  4. haughty
  5. languid
  1. a capable of floating, cheerful
  2. b arrogant, excessively proud and vain
  3. c to make clear, to explain
    -light, shine, shinning
  4. d slow, sluggish, weak, listless
  5. e laziness
    -guile, deceit, to feel pain

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  1. a serious event causing distress or misfortune
    -damage, injury, loss, misfortune
  2. showing or feeling regret for wrongdoing, repentant
  3. to thrive, to grow well
    -flower, plant life
  4. to persuade with deliberate flattery, to coax
  5. caustic
    -bitter, sharp, sour, stinging

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  1. ferocityarrogant, excessively proud and vain


  2. debaselacking significance, meaning or point, silly, insipid


  3. obliqueslanting, indirect, evasive, devious


  4. inanelacking significance, meaning or point, silly, insipid


  5. impervious
    incapable of being entered or penetrated, not capable of being damaged
    -through, across, over, beyond


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