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  1. chalazion
  2. diabetic retinapthy
  3. blepharitis
  4. emmetropia
  5. myopia
  1. a may form in the eyelids, specifically in the meibomian glands and is larger than a hordeolum: may be tender but often puts pressure on the cornea
  2. b people may hold reading materials close to eyes
  3. c treatment:laser photocoagulation of microaneurysm
  4. d normal vision
  5. e signs and symptoms:redden eyelids with scales and flaking at the base of the lashes

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  1. signs and symptoms: reduction in central visual acuity or color vision as a result of macular edma
  2. treatment:laser reattachment, cyrosurgery(freezing) sceral buckling
  3. signs and symptoms: cornea is painful and inflammed, decreased vision, photophobia, tearing, blepharospasm. conjuctiva appears red and may appear cloudy or opaque
  4. formation of new blood vessels growing into the retinal and optic disc area to increase blood supply to the retina. newly formed blood vessels are fragile and leak blood back into the vitreous and retina. new vessels grow, pulling the vitreous away from the retina and retina away from choroid
  5. nearsightedness, caused by light rays focusing in front of the retina

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  1. ametropianormal vision


  2. retinal detachmentcomplete or almost complete absence of the sense of sight


  3. hyperopiafarsightedness, caused by light rays focusing behind the retina


  4. retinal detachmentcomplete or almost complete absence of the sense of sight


  5. hyperopianormal vision


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