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  1. blepharitis
  2. keratitis
  3. retinal detachment
  1. a signs and symptoms:sudden change in vision, flashing lights and then floaters caused by hemorrhage of vitreous fluid or blood. described as "looking through a veil" or " a curtain being lowered".
  2. b inflammation of the cornea, may be chronic or acute, superficial or deep. may be associated with bacterial conjunctivits, viral infection, corneal ulcer or tuberculosis and syphilis
  3. c signs and symptoms:redden eyelids with scales and flaking at the base of the lashes

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  1. separation of the retina from the choroid layer beneath, allowing fluid to enter the space between the layers
  2. treatment: baby shampoo or sterile eyelid cleanser solutions, antibiotic ointment(bacitracin, erythromycin) and warm compresses
  3. signs and symptoms: reduction in central visual acuity or color vision as a result of macular edma
  4. may form in the eyelids, specifically in the meibomian glands and is larger than a hordeolum: may be tender but often puts pressure on the cornea
  5. inflammation of the eyelid margins,chronic inflammatory process

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  1. diabetic retinapthytreatment:laser photocoagulation of microaneurysm


  2. hordeolumpeople may hold reading material farther away from their eyes


  3. keratitstreatment:corticosteroids, topical interferons, cycloplegic agents, and warm compresses


  4. hyperopiapeople may hold reading materials close to eyes


  5. myopiapeople may hold reading material farther away from their eyes


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