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  1. What are the seven wonders of the ancient world?
  2. what does it mean to cut bait?
  3. quid pro quo
  4. What are the eight ivy league schools?
  5. capital offense
  1. a a crime such as murder
  2. b brown, columbia, ccornell, harvard, princeton, yale, dartmouth, and the unniversity of Pennsylvania
  3. c Colossus of Rhodes the hanging gardens of Babylon, the Pharos of Alexabdria, The pyramids of Egypt, statue of jupiter by phidias, the temple of Diana at Ephesu, and the tomb of Mausolus
  4. d to stop fishing
  5. e a fair(equal) exchange

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  1. in mythology it is an extremey beautiful boy
  2. a younge sheperd who pretended that wolves were attacking his sheep and when the villagers came to help he would be laughing at them and one day when the wolves actually came the villagers didnt come
  3. make decision now; stop hesitating
  4. famous structures of the ancient times
  5. in the legends of kind Aurthur; The capital of his kingdom

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  1. what does mea culpa mean in latin?method of operation


  2. what is the latin meaning for quid pro quo?something for something


  3. what is babel?a tower that the decendents of Noah built that was intended to reach heaven to be god like


  4. Blarney Stonein a wall in ireland. a legend shows that those who kiss it recieve a gift of eloquence.


  5. What destroyed pompeii?confusion and noise


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