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  1. what is the latin meaning for quid pro quo?
  2. Maya Angelou
  3. what is babel?
  4. Achilles
  5. what does it mean to cut bait?
  1. a something for something
  2. b to stop fishing
  3. c 20th century African american writer who is best known for an autobiographical account of growing up as a black girl in the rural south
  4. d confusion and noise
  5. e the greatest warrior on the greek side in the trojan war

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  1. a group of eight old distinguished colleges
  2. famous structures of the ancient times
  3. a tower that the decendents of Noah built that was intended to reach heaven to be god like
  4. in a wall in ireland. a legend shows that those who kiss it recieve a gift of eloquence.
  5. my fault or my blame

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  1. Double, double toil and trouble: Fire Burn, and cauldron bubblesomething for something


  2. Camelota city of the Roman Empire on the Italian seacost


  3. What reigned in camelot?confusion and noise


  4. Dr. Watsoncompanion of Sherlock Holmes


  5. PompeiiA roman god of sleep and dreams


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