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  1. pneumothorax is what?
  2. Who can Insert a PICC line?
  3. Access to a Port a Cath is _____ technique, and the steps are;
  4. Who should you be especially cautious with for fluid overload while getting IV fluids?
  5. Why do you turn the patient on their left side during an air embolism?
  1. a abnormal presence of air in the pleural cavity resulting in the collapse of the lung
  2. b patients with HTN or CHF
    patient with intercranial pressure or third spacing
  3. c sterile
    1.cleanse with alcohol X2
    2.swab with betadine
    3.use a non-coring Huber needle, 20g
    4.change dressing and mark with date and initials
  4. d certified PICC RN's and up
  5. e you keep the air in the apex of the right ventricle and permit the blood to dissipate into the pulmonary system

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  1. stop or slow infusion
    raise head of the bed
    get vital signs
    notify MD
  2. crystals
    dissolves homogeneously
  3. -insertian and MD name
    -tolerance of procedure
    -on front of chart and above pt bed
  4. infiltration
  5. circulatory overload

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  1. symptoms of thrombophlebitis?resp distress, SQ emphysema


  2. Hypertonic Solutions can cause _____ ______ due to great expansion of IV compartmentsCause circulatory/fluid overload
    can dilute hemoglobin and hematocrit


  3. Third spacing is what?DANGEROUS: Fluid accumulation where fluid is not meant to pool. WHERE? Peritonieal Cavity, Pericardium & Pleural spaces (most common) WHY? Not enough Albumin in vascular system so it can't hold fluid like it's supposed to and ends up leaking. Body can't get rid of it (has to be drained) ALSO BECAUSE OF changes in oncotic or hydrostatic pressure, RESULT: Fluid that is "lost" from circulation.


  4. Advantages to intravenous Access?-emergency access
    -npo (nothing by mouth) status


  5. thrombophlebitis is what?inflammation of a vein associated with a clot


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