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  1. Solutions given rapidly need what type of tubing?
  2. IV pumps must be used on what type of patients?
  3. thrombophlebitis is what?
  4. Standard Microdrop size is what?
  5. CVL=Lumen color, sizes and use;
  1. a Children with an IV
    Any IV admixture
    Pts with cardiac/renal problems
    critically ill pts
  2. b macrodrip tubing
  3. c 60 drops per mL
  4. d P-white, 18g, for blood samples/adm and meds
    M-blue, 18g, for TPN ONLY
    D-brown, 16g, for CVP monitoring, blood adm, high volume/viscous fluids, colloids, meds
  5. e inflammation of a vein associated with a clot

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  1. -prime tubing
    -hang one bottle BEFORE the first one is completely done
    -check/document intactness of catheter upon disconnection
  2. They hydrate cells by decreasing serum osmolality, shifting body fluids from blood vessels into cells and interstitial spaces
    have an osmolality less than 250mOsm/L
  3. resp distress, SQ emphysema
  4. Multilumen
    PIC (peripherally inserted central catheter)
  5. Call MD to verify proper placement
    Obtain and Write order for usage

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  1. Who can Insert a PICC line?Only an MD


  2. symptoms of an air embolism?cyanosis
    weak rapid pulse
    increased venous pressure


  3. Access to a Port a Cath is _____ technique, and the steps are;sterile
    1.cleanse with alcohol X2
    2.swab with betadine
    3.use a non-coring Huber needle, 20g
    4.change dressing and mark with date and initials


  4. what position do you put a patient in for a CVL insertion?trendlenburg


  5. Why would a patient need a CVL (central venous line)?long term therapy
    inability to access periph veins
    administration of TPN or irritating agents
    to monitor internal pressure


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