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  1. After CVL is placed and an xray is taken, what is the next step?
  2. Tunneled Caths such as the Groshong have a Dacron cuff that does what?
  3. What are the advantages of a Heparin Lock?
  4. What are the 2 types of Non-Tunneled Central Venous Lines?
  5. what is a catheter fragment embolism?
  1. a Breaking off the tip of the IV catheter inside the vein; the tip then travels through the venous system, where it can lodge in pulmonary circulation as a pulmonary embolism
  2. b Call MD to verify proper placement
    Obtain and Write order for usage
  3. c supports ingrowth of tissue which helps prevent infection and dislodgement
  4. d Multilumen
    PIC (peripherally inserted central catheter)
  5. e no continuous fluid infusion required
    provides venous access for NPO patients
    increases pt mobility

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  1. depletion
    Pts with LOW blood pressure
  2. Hickman
  3. DANGEROUS: Fluid accumulation where fluid is not meant to pool. WHERE? Peritonieal Cavity, Pericardium & Pleural spaces (most common) WHY? Not enough Albumin in vascular system so it can't hold fluid like it's supposed to and ends up leaking. Body can't get rid of it (has to be drained) ALSO BECAUSE OF changes in oncotic or hydrostatic pressure, RESULT: Fluid that is "lost" from circulation.
  4. -emergency access
    -npo (nothing by mouth) status
  5. long term therapy
    inability to access periph veins
    administration of TPN or irritating agents
    to monitor internal pressure

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  1. What do you do if you suspect an air embolism?stop or slow infusion
    raise head of the bed
    get vital signs
    notify MD


  2. What do you do if you suspect circulatory overload?turn patient on to LEFT side with head DOWN
    notify the MD


  3. Crystalloids are capable of forming _____ and dissolve in solutions how?
    Can diffuse through____
    and are usually _____ solutions
    For a dialysis pt on diuretics
    diabetic ketoacidosis


  4. Isotonic IV FLuids are generally used to replace fluids with ______FVD


  5. symptoms of pneumothorax?cyanosis
    weak rapid pulse
    increased venous pressure


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