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  1. hypertonic solutions can also cause impaired what?
  2. What are the advantages of a Heparin Lock?
  3. In relation to IV therapy what 6 things do nurses need to know?
  4. Solutions given rapidly need what type of tubing?
  5. CVL=Lumen color, sizes and use;
  1. a no continuous fluid infusion required
    provides venous access for NPO patients
    increases pt mobility
  2. b 1.what (is ordered)
    2.why (it was ordered)
    3.Intended Outcome
    4.Side Effects
    5.the patient's 5 rights
    6.documentation required
  3. c P-white, 18g, for blood samples/adm and meds
    M-blue, 18g, for TPN ONLY
    D-brown, 16g, for CVP monitoring, blood adm, high volume/viscous fluids, colloids, meds
  4. d heart and kidney function, which cant handle the extra fluid
  5. e macrodrip tubing

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  1. Flushed every shift and anytime push meds are administered with normal saline
  2. jugular
  3. 10-15 drops per mL
  4. -prime tubing
    -hang one bottle BEFORE the first one is completely done
    -check/document intactness of catheter upon disconnection
  5. abnormal presence of air in the pleural cavity resulting in the collapse of the lung

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  1. Isotonic Fluids can cause what? As well as decrease the concentration of what two things?Cause circulatory/fluid overload
    can dilute hemoglobin and hematocrit


  2. Hypertonic Fluids do what?
    Their serum osmolality is _____
    They hydrate cells by decreasing serum osmolality, shifting body fluids from blood vessels into cells and interstitial spaces
    have an osmolality less than 250mOsm/L


  3. symptoms of an air embolism?resp distress, SQ emphysema


  4. thrombophlebitis is what?inflammation of a vein associated with a clot


  5. After inserting the CVL what does the patient get?Children with an IV
    Any IV admixture
    Pts with cardiac/renal problems
    critically ill pts


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