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  1. What do you do if you suspect circulatory overload?
  2. pneumothorax is what?
  3. What to do for an IV infiltration?
  4. Third spacing is what?
  5. When having difficulty aspirating with a port, do what?
  1. a abnormal presence of air in the pleural cavity resulting in the collapse of the lung
  2. b DANGEROUS: Fluid accumulation where fluid is not meant to pool. WHERE? Peritonieal Cavity, Pericardium & Pleural spaces (most common) WHY? Not enough Albumin in vascular system so it can't hold fluid like it's supposed to and ends up leaking. Body can't get rid of it (has to be drained) ALSO BECAUSE OF changes in oncotic or hydrostatic pressure, RESULT: Fluid that is "lost" from circulation.
  3. c reposition pt and have him cough
    try push pull technique
    notify MD
  4. d stop or slow infusion
    raise head of the bed
    get vital signs
    notify MD
  5. e stop IV immediately
    restart IV in another vein
    elevate extremity
    apply warm moist compress to affected site

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  1. possible dehydration
  2. -prime tubing
    -hang one bottle BEFORE the first one is completely done
    -check/document intactness of catheter upon disconnection
  3. Cause circulatory/fluid overload
    can dilute hemoglobin and hematocrit
  4. turn patient on to LEFT side with head DOWN
    notify the MD
  5. -emergency access
    -npo (nothing by mouth) status

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  1. The most common complication of IV therapy?inflammation of a vein associated with a clot


  2. Standard Microdrop size is what?60 drops per mL


  3. what is a catheter fragment embolism?Breaking off the tip of the IV catheter inside the vein; the tip then travels through the venous system, where it can lodge in pulmonary circulation as a pulmonary embolism


  4. How often do you have to flush tunneled caths?daily


  5. symptoms of an air embolism?cyanosis
    weak rapid pulse
    increased venous pressure


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