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  1. Advantages to intravenous Access?
  2. What are the advantages of a Heparin Lock?
  3. If a patient recieves too much fluid, too quickly it is called what?
  4. Hypotonics cause a ______ in the circulatory volume.
    So never give to what kind of patients?
  5. What are the 2 types of Non-Tunneled Central Venous Lines?
  1. a -emergency access
    -npo (nothing by mouth) status
  2. b no continuous fluid infusion required
    provides venous access for NPO patients
    increases pt mobility
  3. c Multilumen
    PIC (peripherally inserted central catheter)
  4. d circulatory overload
  5. e depletion
    Pts with LOW blood pressure

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  1. molecules that don't dissolve and remain uniformly distributed.
    The appear cloudy
    often called volume expanders
    Ex:proteins, albumin, dextran
  2. certified PICC RN's and up
  3. Cause circulatory/fluid overload
    can dilute hemoglobin and hematocrit
  4. infiltration
  5. Call MD to verify proper placement
    Obtain and Write order for usage

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  1. Hypertonic Fluids do what?
    Their serum osmolality is _____
    They replace electrolytes and shift fluid from interstitial places/cells into the plasma.
    serum osmolality of 375 or higher


  2. In relation to IV therapy what 6 things do nurses need to know?trendlenburg


  3. What's infiltration? Symptoms?needles become dislodged from vein, solution goes into subcutaneous tissue.
    S/S-edema at injection site, blanches skin, no blood return, pain and IV pump flow may stop.


  4. Hypertonic Solutions can cause _____ ______ due to great expansion of IV compartmentsheart and kidney function, which cant handle the extra fluid


  5. Tunneled Caths such as the Groshong have a Dacron cuff that does what?heart and kidney function, which cant handle the extra fluid


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