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  1. any animal lacking a backbone or notochord
  2. characteristic that appears in recent parts of a lineage, but not in its older members
  3. AKA Domain Bacteria; unicellular prokaryotes containing peptidoglycan in their cell walls; include most bacteria of medical and economic significance
  4. domain of all organisms whose cells have nuclei, including protists, plants, fungi, and animals
  5. evolutionary innovations that arose BEFORE a lineage originated. Present because they were inherited from the ancestral group

  6. a family tree that shows the evolutionary relationships thought to exist among groups of organisms

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  1. Kingdom Animalia
    kingdom composed of heterotrophs; absorptive heterotrophs which obtain nutrients by decomposing dead and decaying organic material


  2. analogous charactersimilarities that arise through convergent evolution


  3. vertebrate
    any animal lacking a backbone or notochord


  4. Kingdom Plantae
    the taxonomic kingdom comprising all living or extinct plants; , eukaryotic, multicellular, autotrophic organisms with cellulose-containing cell walls


  5. cladisticsa diagram that is based on patterns of shared, derived traits and that shows the evolutionary relationships between groups of organisms


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