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  1. synthetic fiber
  2. pattern guide sheet
  3. illusion
  4. yardage
  5. grade
  1. a step-bystep information for cutting, marking, and sewing fabric peices together
  2. b fibers manufactured from substances such as wood pulp, petroleum or natural gas
  3. c to trim each layer of fabric to a different width to reduce bulk
  4. d image that fools the eye
  5. e the amount of fabric needed to complete a project

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  1. a row of stitching used to keep the facing or bottom layer of fabric rolled out of sight
  2. fibers that come from plants or hair of animals
  3. raising and lowering the iron from one area to the next
  4. small items such as thread, elastic or buttons that become permanent part of the garment
  5. diagram included in sewing instructions that shows how to place the pattern pieces on fabric

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  1. casingclosed tunnel of fabric that holds a piece of elastic or drawstring


  2. clipto make a tiny snip in the seam allowance


  3. accessoriesmodifications made to a pattern or garment for a better fit


  4. selvagethe amount of fabric needed to complete a project


  5. ironfibers twisted together or laid side by side


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