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  1. accessories
  2. clip
  3. pattern markings
  4. grain of fabric
  5. fiber
  1. a basic unit from which fabric is made
  2. b additional items that are not necessary, such as belts, scarves, hats, ties, and jewelry that are part of your wardrobe
  3. c lines and symbols marked on the pattern and transferred to the fabric to help guide construction
  4. d direction in which the treaads run in a fabric
  5. e to make a tiny snip in the seam allowance

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  1. a vaiation on a sewing pattern design
  2. fibers manufactured from substances such as wood pulp, petroleum or natural gas
  3. image that fools the eye
  4. modifications made to a pattern or garment for a better fit
  5. row of stitching done on the outside of a garment usually for decorative purposes

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  1. selvagefactory finished edge of a fabric


  2. silhouetteoutlne or outer shpe of an object


  3. fabricmaterial or cloth made from yarn


  4. notionsclosed tunnel of fabric that holds a piece of elastic or drawstring


  5. layoutto remove wrinkles or smooth fabrics with a heated iron


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