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Arkansas FACS Unit 3 Test

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  1. a darker value of a color created by adding black to the color
  2. guidelines for working with the elements of design; using proportion, scale, balance, emphasis and rhythm.
  3. usuable power or the resources for producing usable power
  4. a pleasing combination of colors based on their respective postitions on the color wheel

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  1. conservationprotecting the environment and natural resources against waste and harm


  2. recycleto reprocess resources to be used again


  3. personal living spacean area of a home usually understood to belong to one person and defined by their style and taste. examples include bedroom, workroom, home office or study


  4. accessoriesadditional items that are not necessary, such as pictures, vases, paintings, pillows and other items smaller than the furnishings that accent the design of rooms


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