AP Biology - Animals princeton (excretory system pt. 1)

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a byproduct of the breakdown of proteins

uric acid urea

some animals convert ammonia to _____ ____, while others convert ammonia to ____


excretory organ found in earthworms

malphigian tubules

excretory organ found in arthropods



uric acid



most mammals


major organ that regulates excretion
(in humans)


each kidney is made up of a million tiny structures called

bowmans capsule proximal convoluted tubule

1st two regions of nephron

loop of Henle distal convoluted tubule

2nd two regions of nephrons

collecting duct

last region of nephron

renal cortex

contains the bowman's capsule and the proximal convoluted tubules

renal medulla

contains the loop of Henle and the distal convoluted tubules

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