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  1. tragedy
  2. Sparta conquered the neighboring region of Messenia and took over the ___. Each year, the Spartans demanded half of the ___ crops
  3. epics
  4. Council of 500
  5. Athenian leader who convinced the Athenians to fight at sea
  1. a proposed laws and council the assembly
  2. b serious drama about common themes such as lover, war and hate
  3. c Themistocles
  4. d -land
  5. e narrative poems

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  1. organized citizens into ten groups based on where they lived. Increased the power of the assembly by allowing all citizens to submit laws for debate and passage
  2. a form of government in which citizens rule directly and not through representatives
  3. Seleucus
  4. military formation of soldiers armed with spears and shields
  5. sons of wealthy families

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  1. Solonoutlawed debt slavery (no citizen should own another citizen). Organized the Athenian citizens into four social classes according to wealth


  2. Highly regarded mathematician who taught in AlexandriaEuclid


  3. Who became king of Macedonia after Alexander's deathAntigonus


  4. Mycenaeansencouraged Greeks to question themselves and their moral character


  5. Platostudent of Socrates... set forth his vision of a perfectly governed society


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