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  1. Mycenaeans
  2. scientific method
  3. Athenian leader who convinced the Athenians to fight at sea
  4. Hellenistic
  5. monarchy
  1. a Greek culture blended with Egyptian, Persian, and Indian influences. (relating to the civilization, language, science, and literature of the Greek world)
  2. b single person, called a king, ruled the government
  3. c gathering information about the natural world, in which experimentation and observation are used to test hypotheses
  4. d Indo-Europeans who settled in Greece
  5. e Themistocles

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  1. war in which Athens and its allies were defeated by Sparta and its allies
  2. -sailors
  3. controlled by the Athens
  4. Antigonus
  5. values of harmony, order, and balance

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  1. philosopherspeasants forced to stay on the land they worked


  2. Darius IIIGreek speaking people that migrated into Greece after the destruction of the Mycenaean civilization


  3. Greeks developed small, ______ within each little valley and its surrounding mountainsprotective wall more than 20 feet thick


  4. who seized Egypt after Alexander's deathPtolemy


  5. PlatoGreek city-state-- political unit of ancient Greece


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