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  1. mountains covered ___ of ancient Greece
  2. Who accurately studied the value of pi
  3. phalanx
  4. helots
  5. Peloponnesian War
  1. a 3/4
  2. b military formation of soldiers armed with spears and shields
  3. c war in which Athens and its allies were defeated by Sparta and its allies
  4. d peasants forced to stay on the land they worked
  5. e Archimedes

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  1. greatest storyteller who was a blind man
  2. Aegean sea, Ionian sea, and Black sea
  3. "lovers of wisdom"
  4. wrote the first comedy
  5. popular political assembly

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  1. As the Greeks became skilled ____ sea travel connected Greece with other ____-sailors


  2. tragedywho seized control of the government by appealing to the common people for support


  3. Hellenisticpeasants forced to stay on the land they worked


  4. Council of 500proposed laws and council the assembly


  5. epicsnarrative poems


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