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  1. tragedy
  2. phalanx
  3. Highly regarded mathematician who taught in Alexandria
  4. philosophers
  5. epics
  1. a military formation of soldiers armed with spears and shields
  2. b "lovers of wisdom"
  3. c serious drama about common themes such as lover, war and hate
  4. d narrative poems
  5. e Euclid

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  1. protective wall more than 20 feet thick
  2. Alexandria
  3. organized citizens into ten groups based on where they lived. Increased the power of the assembly by allowing all citizens to submit laws for debate and passage
  4. ancient kingdom north of Greece, whose ruler was Philip II
  5. Archimedes

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  1. Persian Warsa series of wars in which Greek city-states battled the Persian Empire


  2. Euripideswrote tragedies and author of the play Medea


  3. polisGreek city-state-- political unit of ancient Greece


  4. SocratesGreek speaking people that migrated into Greece after the destruction of the Mycenaean civilization


  5. Mycenaeansmilitary formation of soldiers armed with spears and shields


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