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Essentials of Medical Language Allan, Lockyer Ch 1-4 Test

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  1. connective tissue
  2. osteoporo-
  3. parietal-wall
  4. -osis, -ia
  5. spheniod-wedge-resemble
  1. a the two bones forming the sidewalls and roof of the cranium
  2. b bone; opening
  3. c bind, support, protect, fill spaces and store fat
  4. d condition
  5. e wedge-shaped bone at the base of the skull

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  1. dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (a measuring device that uses low energy radiation beams)
  2. pressure (root)
  3. strips or bands of tough connective tissue that connect two structures
  4. vertically situated nearest to center of the body
  5. skin

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  1. -onych-fungus


  2. myo-muscle


  3. pre-before


  4. albicansslime, snot


  5. hypotensionfracture fails to heal


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