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  1. *lordosis
  2. mucous
  3. osteoarthritis (OA)
  4. -ion
  5. DEXA
  1. a mucous membrane
  2. b - bone; joint; inflammation = chronic inflammatory disease of joints
  3. c curve, swayback = normal forward curve of the lumbar spine that can be exaggerated in disease
  4. d action; condition
  5. e dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (a measuring device that uses low energy radiation beams)

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  1. scratch marks
  2. control movement, stabilize and allow movement of joints
  3. smaller bone of the leg
  4. bone is broken in atleast 2 fragments
  5. above

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  1. malunionfracture fails to heal correctly


  2. podiatrists (DPM)doctoral degree


  3. blepharo-eyelid


  4. -siscondition


  5. sagittalvertically situated away from the center of the body


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