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  1. vaso-
  2. Osteomyelitis
  3. patella
  4. melan-
  5. epithelial tissue
  1. a black pigment
  2. b protect, secrete, absorb, and excrete
  3. c blood vessel
  4. d inflammation of bone tissue
  5. e knee cap

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  1. strips or bands of tough connective tissue that connect two structures
  2. dual energy x-ray absorptiometry (a measuring device that uses low energy radiation beams)
  3. bone edge breaks through skin
  4. control movement, stabilize and allow movement of joints
  5. to make fruitful

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  1. blepharo-nose


  2. -insubstance


  3. -peniadeficient


  4. hypertensionlow blood pressure


  5. prefix-one


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