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  1. Sacajawea
  2. Compromise of 1850
  3. Hartford Convention
  4. Petersburg
  5. Dorothea Dix
  1. a nine month seige/ Union army reduced Southern supplies and numbers/ soldiers lived in trenches/ North Victory/ crater incident happened here
  2. b Native-American guide who led Lewis and Clark on their expedition/ she was only 16
  3. c Henry Clay wrote it/ A. California enters as a free state to balance Texas which was a slave state in the senate B. Mexican lands were divided into two territories - New MExico and Utah, popular sovereignty would decide if they were slave or free C. Land claimed by Texas and Mexico would become part of New Mexico and Texas was paid $10 million by the government D. No slave trade in Washington DC E. Fugitive Slave Act would be enforced/ Kept us out of the Civil War for ten years
  4. d Federalists met at Hartford, Connecticut during the War of 1812 / Tried to declare the war unconstitutional and null and void / lost power and died out because of this
  5. e Helped improve care of the mentally ill

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  1. Started the Nursing Corps for women in the North/ cleaned up the nursing profession, and yet was called the Dragon because she was so mean
  2. Speech that Lincoln made to dedicate the cemetery after the Battle of Geyysburg/ considered one of the finest pieces of American literature/ Know first two paragraphs
  3. Military mayor of New Orleans during the Civil War/ South hated him because of the tactics he used/ called the "Beast"
  4. San Antonia, Texas
  5. Set the boundary between the U.S and Great Britain

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  1. Rio GrandeThe river which was in dispute during the Mexican War/ Americans wanted this as the Southern boundary for Texas and the Mexicans wanted the Nueces River


  2. Uncle Tom's CabinWritten by Harriet Beecher Stowe/ novel about slave conditionsin the south/ fueled the fires of war because people were horrified by slave conditions


  3. Bleeding Kansasthe Senator who came up with the idea of popular sovereignty


  4. Ford's TheaterTheater in Washington D.C. where President Lincoln was shot while watching the play, "My American Cousin"


  5. Tariff of Abominationscalled moses of her people/ she led 300 slaves to freedom on the Underground Railroad


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