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  1. Harper's Ferry, Virginia
  2. States' rights
  3. Two famous Americans killed at the Alamo
  4. James Fenimore Cooper
  5. Fredrick Douglass
  1. a Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie
  2. b this former slave was famous for his eloquent speeches
  3. c where the U.S. arsenal was located when it was attacked by John Brown
  4. d Author / Wrote The Last of the Mohicans
  5. e When the states have more power than the Federal Government

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  1. Outside of Washington people went with picnic baskets to watch first major battle of the war/ Southern victory/ people realized would be a long war
  2. Editor of an antislavery newspaper during the Civil War/ was a radical Abolitionist
  3. Incredible engineering feat for its time/ linked New York City to Erie Canal/ made NYC and industrial hub/ also much cheaper to ship goods
  4. At Gettysburg/ 15,000 Confederates attacked across an open field and most were killed
  5. Henry Clay

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  1. Robert Fultonperfected the invention of the steamboat/ now boats could go upstream


  2. John C. CalhounThe leader of the Southern States during the time period before the Civil War/ believed in States' Rights


  3. Fredricksburgfirst battle of the Civil War/ in the Charleston Harbor/ Southern victory


  4. Barbary PiratesCharged a tribute to trade on the Mediterranean Sea/ U.S. went to war with them and won/ Stephen Decatur became a war hero


  5. Battle of AtlantaSherman marched towards Savannah, GA from Chattanooga, TN with 100,000 troops/ destroyed everything including Atlanta on his way/ called total war


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