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  1. Battles of the Mexican War
  2. Who wrote the Compromises of 1820 and 1850?
  3. Rio Grande
  4. Roger B. Taney
  5. Mexican Cession
  1. a The river which was in dispute during the Mexican War/ Americans wanted this as the Southern boundary for Texas and the Mexicans wanted the Nueces River
  2. b Monterry, Buena Vista, Mexico City, Albuquerque
  3. c Henry Clay
  4. d Land that the US bought for $15 million from Mexico after the Mexican War
  5. e Chief Justice of the Supreme Court who ruled on the Dred Scott Case

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  1. South Carolina
  2. Only president of Texas when it was a republic and one of the first senators from Texas
  3. Jackson forced the Cherokee Indians to make a 2,000 mile march during the winter/ over 4,000 died
  4. when one is elected and replaces officials with members of his/her own political party or his/her friends and supporters
  5. Incredible engineering feat for its time/ linked New York City to Erie Canal/ made NYC and industrial hub/ also much cheaper to ship goods

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  1. Hartford Conventionlarge group of people which picked people to run for office, more democratic


  2. William T. ShermanFamous for his March to the Sea and for waging total war against civilians/ Union commander


  3. Border Ruffiansduring "Bleeding Kansas" these pro-slavery Missourians crossed the border to vote in the election for slavery/ armed and dangerous


  4. Great CompromiserHenry Clay


  5. How many Mexicans at the Battle of the Alamo?4,000 Mexicans at the battle of the Alamo vs. 186 Texans


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