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  1. Sequoya
  2. Stephen Austin
  3. "Young Hickory"
  4. Moderate
  5. Missouri Compromise
  1. a The leader of the Cherokee Indians / wrote the Cherokee alphabet
  2. b Someone who wants social change slowly/ middle of the road on political issues
  3. c Nickname given to James Knox Polk who was a protege of Andrew Jackson
  4. d 1820 had 3 parts... 1. Maine comes in as a free state 2. Missouri comes in as a slave state 3. No slavery above the 36 30 line
  5. e brought the first 300 families to Texas

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  1. Vice-President of the Confederacy
  2. Commander who captured John Brown at Harper's Ferry, Virginia/ became the commander of the Southern forces during the Civil War
  3. The journey west in which thousands of Native-Americans were forced to move west / hundreds died
  4. John C. Calhoun's reply to the Tariff of 1828 which said that a state should be able to declare a law made unconstitutional
  5. during "Bleeding Kansas" these pro-slavery Missourians crossed the border to vote in the election for slavery/ armed and dangerous

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  1. Samuel Slaterstole textile plans from England/ came to America and began one of the most successful textile mines/ began Industrial Revolution in America


  2. Davy Crockettfamous for being one of the best Indian scouts in America/ famous for his coonskin hat and for dying at the Alamo


  3. Embargo ActWhere one company owns all of a product including the means for production


  4. Clara BartonThe Angel of the Battlefield/ began the American Red Cross


  5. Democratic PartyThomas Jefferson began this party


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