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  1. First Bull Run
  2. John C. Calhoun
  3. March to the Sea - also, what major city was affected the most?
  4. Dark Horse Candidate - Two Examples
  5. James Marshall
  1. a Outside of Washington people went with picnic baskets to watch first major battle of the war/ Southern victory/ people realized would be a long war
  2. b The leader of the Southern States during the time period before the Civil War/ believed in States' Rights
  3. c an unknown who is elected to political office/ James Polk and Franklin Pierce
  4. d William Tecumseh Sherman with, 100,00 soldiers, marched from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Savannah, Georgia, destroying everything in their path/ burned Atlanta on the way to Savannah
  5. e the man who found the gold at Sutter's sawmill in California/ Began the Gold Rush

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  1. Native-American guide who led Lewis and Clark on their expedition/ she was only 16
  2. Warned the rest of the world that the Americas were closed to colonization 1. Russia was not to come down and colonize the western coast of the U.S. 2. the U.S. would leave European countries alone 3. Europe was to leave the Americas alone
  3. people who wanted to restrict the influence of immigrants and refused to hire them/ prejudiced
  4. 1861-1865
  5. years that James Monroe served as president

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  1. Martin Van BurenWon election of 1836 / Blamed for the Depression of 1837 when it was really Andrew Jackson's fault / the term "okay" came from him (Old Kinderhook)


  2. Marbury v. Madisonthis famous court case established Judicial Review


  3. John C. CalhounVice-president during Andrew Jackson's presidency


  4. Southmeans that the president refuses to sign a bill into law


  5. Dorothea Dixa pass through the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming/ used by early settlers


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