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  1. Sam Houston
  2. North
  3. Black Codes
  4. Harper's Ferry, Virginia
  5. Old Hickory
  1. a Laws which prevented blacks from having rights after the Civil War/ blacks couldn't serve on juries and could only have low paying jobs
  2. b Only president of Texas when it was a republic and one of the first senators from Texas
  3. c where the U.S. arsenal was located when it was attacked by John Brown
  4. d Andrew Jackson's nickname
  5. e Industrial

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  1. The period of rapid industrial growth that began in Britain in the 1700s and then spread to other nations
  2. a pass through the Rocky Mountains in Wyoming/ used by early settlers
  3. Debates between Lincoln and Douglas in Illinois for the senate seat, went to seven cities to debate mostly over slavery/ Lincoln loses but becomes well known
  4. The second leader of the Mormons who led them to Salt Lake City, Utah to settle
  5. High tax on goods coming into the US which makes people want to buy American products

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  1. Erie CanalIncredible engineering feat for its time/ linked New York City to Erie Canal/ made NYC and industrial hub/ also much cheaper to ship goods


  2. Oliver Hazard PerryNaval hero at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812


  3. William Henry Harrison and John TylerElected president and vise-president in the Election of 1840 / Log Cabin campaign


  4. Trail of TearsGroups of people who take the law into their own hands


  5. Tariff of AbominationsHighest tariff up to this point in American History/ 1828


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