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  1. Trail of Tears
  2. War Hawks
  3. The Prophet
  4. Winfield Scott
  5. Cumberland Road
  1. a Jackson forced the Cherokee Indians to make a 2,000 mile march during the winter/ over 4,000 died
  2. b Those persons in Congress who want war
  3. c first National Road built with Federal money and it began in Maryland and went to Illinois
  4. d called "Old Fuss and Feathers", war hero during the Mexican War, ran for president, first commander in the Civil War for the Union forces
  5. e Powerful Shawnee leader who was the religious leader of the Native Americans and who put a curse on the presidents

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  1. Richmond, Virginia and Jefferson Davis
  2. Vice-President of the Confederacy
  3. Agricultural
  4. Outside of Washington people went with picnic baskets to watch first major battle of the war/ Southern victory/ people realized would be a long war
  5. people who wanted to restrict the influence of immigrants and refused to hire them/ prejudiced

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  1. Results of the War of 18121. Andrew Jackson becomes a war hero which leads to his presidency 2. Nationalism increase 3. Federalist Party dies out


  2. Jefferson DavisPresident of the Confederacy


  3. Battle of the WildernessBattle in tangled undergrowth in Virginia/ 200 men were burned alive/ South won


  4. Lewis Cassthe Senator who came up with the idea of popular sovereignty


  5. Lincoln's AssassinationDebates between Lincoln and Douglas in Illinois for the senate seat, went to seven cities to debate mostly over slavery/ Lincoln loses but becomes well known


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