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  1. Embargo Act
  2. Sequoya
  3. March to the Sea - also, what major city was affected the most?
  4. Jefferson Day Dinner
  5. Oregon Fever
  1. a April, 1830 / Andrew Jackson said, "Our federal union, it must be preserved!" -- Calhoun said, "The Union, next to our liberty, most dear."
  2. b the desire to go west and start a new life
  3. c William Tecumseh Sherman with, 100,00 soldiers, marched from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Savannah, Georgia, destroying everything in their path/ burned Atlanta on the way to Savannah
  4. d Under Thomas Jefferson / banned trade to and from all foreign countries
  5. e The leader of the Cherokee Indians / wrote the Cherokee alphabet

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  1. Wrote the "Star-Spangled Banner"
  2. Someone who wants social change slowly/ middle of the road on political issues
  3. 1. Get Texas 2. Get Oregon 3. Get California 4. Smash the National Bank 5. Lower tariffs/ elected president in 1844 and said he would only serve one term and he accomplished all of his goals
  4. Jeb Stuart, Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson
  5. Famous for his March to the Sea and for waging total war against civilians/ Union commander

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  1. Eli WhitneyThe bloodiest day of the war/ draw, although the North claimed a victory


  2. Results of the Civil War1. Andrew Jackson becomes a war hero which leads to his presidency 2. Nationalism increase 3. Federalist Party dies out


  3. Where is the AlamoSan Antonia, Texas


  4. Monroe DoctrineWarned the rest of the world that the Americas were closed to colonization 1. Russia was not to come down and colonize the western coast of the U.S. 2. the U.S. would leave European countries alone 3. Europe was to leave the Americas alone


  5. Sam HoustonOnly president of Texas when it was a republic and one of the first senators from Texas


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