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  1. Gettysburg Address
  2. Oliver Hazard Perry
  3. Spoil's System
  4. Joseph Smith
  5. Convention
  1. a Speech that Lincoln made to dedicate the cemetery after the Battle of Geyysburg/ considered one of the finest pieces of American literature/ Know first two paragraphs
  2. b Naval hero at the Battle of Lake Erie during the War of 1812
  3. c large group of people which picked people to run for office, more democratic
  4. d The founder and first leader of the Mormons/ assassinated in Illinois
  5. e when one is elected and replaces officials with members of his/her own political party or his/her friends and supporters

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  1. President and General of Mexico during the Mexican War and the Texas War for Independance
  2. president during the War of 1812
  3. white males
  4. Battle fought in TN/ Confederates were pushing Union soldiers back to the TN river/ Confederates were winning but then Union reinforcements came down in ships/ Northern Victory/ Bloody Pond and Hornet's Nest happened here/ Grant was the Union COmmander here/ Albert S. Johnston was Confederate Commander here, was killed/ bloody boot
  5. Military mayor of New Orleans during the Civil War/ South hated him because of the tactics he used/ called the "Beast"

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  1. How many Mexicans at the Battle of the Alamo?North had more money, 92% of industry, more men/ South was fighting for its independence, had better generals, fighting on its own land


  2. Mexican Cessionhuge properties owned by Mexicans/ similar to southern plantations


  3. Lewis CassMade the United States the most industrialized country in the world


  4. Roger B. TaneyChief Justice of the Supreme Court who ruled on the Dred Scott Case


  5. Great Compromiserthree men who guided Congress for fifty years before Civil War/ made up of Henry Clay from Kentucky, John C. Calhoun from SC (South), and Daniel Webster from Massachusetts (North)


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