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  1. Republican Party
  2. Manifest Destiny
  3. Donner Party
  4. Protective Tariff
  5. Embargo Act
  1. a Under Thomas Jefferson / banned trade to and from all foreign countries
  2. b The God-given right for the US to go from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
  3. c A group of settlers going out west, did not make it over the mountains in time/ many froze or starved to death, and others resorted to cannibalism
  4. d High tax on goods coming into the US which makes people want to buy American products
  5. e formed in 1856, John Fremont was the candidate, were against slavery, wanted to repeal the Fugitive Slave Act

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  1. William Tecumseh Sherman with, 100,00 soldiers, marched from Chattanooga, Tennessee to Savannah, Georgia, destroying everything in their path/ burned Atlanta on the way to Savannah
  2. North - industrial, had population of 22 million, were mainly abolitionists, favored federal government having more power than the states/ South - agricultural, had a population of nine million, believed in slavery and states' rights
  3. Won election of 1836 / Blamed for the Depression of 1837 when it was really Andrew Jackson's fault / the term "okay" came from him (Old Kinderhook)
  4. Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo
  5. Monterry, Buena Vista, Mexico City, Albuquerque

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  1. ChancellorsvilleLee's finest hour/ Stonewall Jackson shot by own man


  2. Dates of the Lone Star Republic1836-1845


  3. Harriet Beecher StoweAuthor of Uncle Tom's Cabin


  4. RadicalSomeone who wants social change quickly


  5. Cumberland Roadthe first integrated and co-educational college (boys and girls could attend)


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