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  1. Quality assurance (QA)
  2. Professionalism
  3. Empathy
  4. Certification
  5. Emergency medical responder (EMR)
  1. a Following the standards of conduct and performance for a profession.
  2. b An EMS professional who provides initial basic life support care to patients who access the EMS system; formerly called first responder.
  3. c Programs designed to achieve a desired level of care.
  4. d An external verification of the competencies that an individual has achieved and typically involves an examination process; in healthcare these process are typically designed to verify that an individual has achieved minimum competency to ensure safe and effective patient care.
  5. e Showing a person care and commission with an appreciation for his/her situation without feeling the same emotions.

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  1. A network of resources that provides emergency care and transportation to victims of sudden illness or injury.
  2. Prospective and retrospective medical direction.
  3. The exchange of thoughts, messages and information.
  4. A set of treatment guidelines written for the paramedic to follow.
  5. A business associated with the provision of medical care to individuals.

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  1. ReciprocityThe process of entering an individual's name and essential information into a record as a means of verifying initial certification and monitoring recertification.


  2. Prospective medical directionsPhysician participation in the development of EMS protocols, procedures, and participation in the education and testing of EMS professionals; a type of offline medical directions.


  3. Physician advisorFollowing the standards of conduct and performance for a profession.


  4. continuous quality improvement (CQI)Programs designed to achieve a desired level of care.


  5. Continuing educationLife long learning.


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