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  1. EMS system
  2. Prospective medical directions
  3. continuous quality improvement (CQI)
  4. Advanced emergency medical technician (AEMT)
  5. Registration
  1. a Programs designed to improve the level of care; commonly driven by quality assurance.
  2. b Physician participation in the development of EMS protocols, procedures, and participation in the education and testing of EMS professionals; a type of offline medical directions.
  3. c An EMS professional who provides basic and limited advanced skills to patients who access the EMS system.
  4. d The process of entering an individual's name and essential information into a record as a means of verifying initial certification and monitoring recertification.
  5. e A network of resources that provides emergency care and transportation to victims of sudden illness or injury.

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  1. Life long learning.
  2. National Standard Curriculum
  3. A physician responsible for the oversight of EMS system and the actions of the paramedics.
  4. Written instructions that authorize EMS personnel to perform certain medical interventions before establishing direct communication with a physician.
  5. Following the standards of conduct and performance for a profession.

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  1. DiplomacyTact and skill in dealing with people


  2. Offline medical directionDirect voice communication by a medical director to a prehospital professional while he/she is attending to the patient.


  3. EthicsExpectations established by the community at large reflecting their views of the conduct of a profession.


  4. AttributesExpectations established by the community at large reflecting their views of the conduct of a profession.


  5. Quality assurance (QA)Programs designed to achieve a desired level of care.


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