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  1. Prospective medical directions
  2. Profession
  3. Scope of practice
  4. Medical director
  5. Continuing education
  1. a Physician participation in the development of EMS protocols, procedures, and participation in the education and testing of EMS professionals; a type of offline medical directions.
  2. b A group of similar jobs or fields of interest that involve a responsibility to serve the public and require mastery of specific knowledge and specialized skills.
  3. c A predefined set of skills, interventions, or other activities that the paramedic is legally authorized to perform when necessary; usually set by state law or regulation and local medical directions.
  4. d A physician responsible for the oversight of the EMS system and the actions of the paramedics; also known as physician advisor.
  5. e Life long learning.

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  1. The ability to work with others to achieve a common goal.
  2. A business associated with the provision of medical care to individuals.
  3. The ability for an EMS professional to use his/her certification or license to be able to practice in a different state.
  4. A local process by which an individual is permitted by a specific entity (medical director) to practice in a specific setting (EMS agency).
  5. Physician review of prehospital care reports and participation in the quality improvement process; a type of offline medical direction.

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  1. Refresher educationThe process of refreshing information and skills previously learned.


  2. Emergency medical responder (EMR)An EMS professional who provides basic and limited advanced skills to patients who access the EMS system.


  3. ProtocolsA set of treatment guidelines written for the paramedic to follow.


  4. LicensureNational Standard Curriculum


  5. CommunicationThe exchange of thoughts, messages and information.


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