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  1. catabolism
  2. later postop phase (nursing unit)
  3. urgent surgery
  4. hypoventilation
  5. St. John's wort
  1. a drugs, incisional pain, obesity, chronic lung disease, pressure on the diaphragm, atelectasis, pneumonia
  2. b antidepressant, antiviral properties, anti-inflammatory action
  3. c tissue breakdown
  4. d required to keep additional health problems from occurring
  5. e vital signs, IV, incisional sites, tubes, postop orders, body system assessment, side rails up, call light in reach, position on side or HOB up 45 degrees, emesis basin at bedside; note amount and appearance of emesis; npo until ordered and patient is fully awake; assess for signs and symptoms of shock

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  1. separation of sa surgical incision or reputure of a wound closure may occur within three days to over two weeks postop
  2. the patient's description of discomfort (scale 1-10)
  3. decrease external stimuli, reduce interruptions and eliminate odors
  4. routinely used for procedures that do not require complete anesthesia but rather a depressed level of consciousness (administration of CNS depressant drugs and/or analgesia to relieve anxiety and/or provide amnesia during surgical, diagnostic, or interventional procedures)
  5. blood loss, body fluid loss, catabolism

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  1. pulmonary embolismtissue breakdown


  2. short-stay surgical centerindependently owned agentcy; surgery performed when overnight hospitalization is not required


  3. assessmentpatient hospitalized for surgery


  4. paralytic ileusa derease or absence of peristalsis, rest intestine, nasogastric tube, measure abdominal girth, encourage activity, :


  5. socioeconomic and cultural needssocial, economic, religious, ethnic, cultural, education and experience, age and life experiences


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