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  1. singultus
  2. diagnostic
  3. short-stay surgical center
  4. dehiscence
  5. cachexia
  1. a separation of sa surgical incision or reputure of a wound closure may occur within three days to over two weeks postop
  2. b ill health, malnutrition and wasting as a result of chronic disease
  3. c confirm diagnosis; example exploratory laparotomy
  4. d involuntary contraction of the diaphragm followed by rapid losure of the glottis; irritation of the phreni nerve; causes could be abdominal distention or internal bleeding
  5. e independently owned agentcy; surgery performed when overnight hospitalization is not required

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  1. nursing interventions before and after surgery physically and psychologically prepare the patient for the surgical procedure
  2. decrease in or absence of intestinal peristalsis that may occur after abdominal surgeyr, periteoneal trauma, and severe metabolic disease and other conditions may have developed
  3. preop preparations, IV, preop medications, skin prep (hair removal)
  4. normal flow of blood through the vessels is slowed, assessment: palpate pedal pulses and note skin color and temp; assess for edema, aching, cramping in the calf, Homans' sign
  5. minimal alteration in body parts, examples cataracts, tooth extraction

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  1. sodium and potassium depletionremoval of hair, shave, hair clip, depilatory (nair)


  2. nutritional factorsimagery, biofeedback, relaxation


  3. planningbeings before surgery and follows through the postop period; inlude the patient in planning


  4. dischargecare of wound site; action and possible side effets of any medications; when and how to take them; activities allowed and prohibited; dietary restrictions and modifications; symptoms to be reported; where and when to return for follow-up care; answers to any ind questions or concerns


  5. regional anesthesiainvolves loss of sensation at the desired site, topical application or infitration into tissues of an anesthetic agent that disrupts sensation at the level of the nerve endings, immediate area of application


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