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  1. respiratory preparation
  2. one-day surgery
  3. ABCCS
  4. assess for skin impairment
  5. elective surgery
  1. a infection, irritation, bruises, lesions, scrub with detergent and antiseptic solution applied
  2. b not necessary to preserve life and may be performed when the patient chooses
  3. c incentive spirometry, prevent or treat atelectasis, improve lung expansion, improve oxygenation,
  4. d airway, breathing, consciousness, circulation, system review
  5. e patient is admitted the day sugery is scheduled and dismissed the same day

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  1. vital signs, IV, incisional sites, tubes, postop orders, body system assessment, side rails up, call light in reach, position on side or HOB up 45 degrees, emesis basin at bedside; note amount and appearance of emesis; npo until ordered and patient is fully awake; assess for signs and symptoms of shock
  2. carbohydrates and fat-energy producers
  3. restores function lost or reduce as result of congenital anomalies
  4. beings before surgery and follows through the postop period; inlude the patient in planning
  5. build and repair

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  1. St. John's wortantidepressant, antiviral properties, anti-inflammatory action


  2. fluid loss during surgeryrequired to keep additional health problems from occurring


  3. assessment of activityhistory, physical condition, risk factors, emotional status, preop diagnostic data


  4. dehiscencecare of wound site; action and possible side effets of any medications; when and how to take them; activities allowed and prohibited; dietary restrictions and modifications; symptoms to be reported; where and when to return for follow-up care; answers to any ind questions or concerns


  5. hypoventilationdrugs, incisional pain, obesity, chronic lung disease, pressure on the diaphragm, atelectasis, pneumonia


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