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  1. agosto
  2. Por la noche hago la tarea y después, juego los videojuegos.
  3. Me gusta leer, especialmente durante el verano.
  4. Vamos a tener un día hermoso.
  5. Todavía tengo que hacer la tarea.
  1. a I still have to do my homework.
  2. b I like to read, especially during the summer.
  3. c August
  4. d We're going to have a beautiful day.
  5. e At night I do my homework and afterwards, I play videogames.

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  1. The water is cold!
  2. We still have to practice in the gym.
  3. Who gets good grades?
  4. Do you sometimes run in the summer?
  5. It's snowing (right now).

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  1. Hace mal tiempo.The weather's nasty.


  2. Hace mucho frío.It's really cold.


  3. Hace sol.It's sunny.


  4. junioJuly


  5. Escribo muchas cartas electrónicas.I write a lot of emails.


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