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  1. Hay relámpago.
  2. Está nublado.
  3. Tomo el autobús con mi hermana.
  4. el chico/el muchacho
  5. Hacemos ejercicios en el Y con ellos.
  1. a We exercise with them at the Y.
  2. b There's lightning.
  3. c the boy
  4. d I take the bus with my sister.
  5. e It's cloudy.

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  1. We have breakfast at seven.
  2. At night I do my homework and afterwards, I play videogames.
  3. I ski at Cannonsburg with my friends.
  4. July
  5. It's rains in April.

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  1. febreroMarch


  2. mayoMay


  3. Muchos peces tropicales bonitos nadan en el agua.Lots of beautiful tropical fish are swimming in the water.


  4. nadaMay


  5. duranteduring


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