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  1. Es el primer día de febrero.
  2. Hace viento.
  3. Durante las vacaciones pescamos en el río.
  4. Es el primero de marzo.
  5. Por la tarde practico al voleibol.
  1. a In the afternoon I practice volleyball.
  2. b It's windy.
  3. c It's the first day of February.
  4. d It's the first of March.
  5. e During vacacion we fish in the river.

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  1. What's the date today?
  2. It's cloudy.
  3. They like to camp in the summer.
  4. What do you guys drink with sandwiches?
  5. Whose postcards are these?

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  1. ¡El agua está fría!It's really cold.


  2. abrilFebruary


  3. Me gustan las hamburguesas con queso.I like hamburgers with cheese.


  4. Vamos a tener un día hermoso.She skis with me.


  5. Hace frío.It's windy.


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