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  1. Mi estación favorita es la primavera.
  2. abril
  3. Esquían con nosotros.
  4. ¡Está lloviendo a cantaros!
  5. Va a ser desagradable.
  1. a My favorite season is spring.
  2. b It's raining cats and dogs! (It's pouring!)
  3. c It's going to be nasty.
  4. d April
  5. e They ski with us.

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  1. I go to games only when I do my homework.
  2. Do you still practice basketball at night?
  3. Do you sometimes run in the summer?
  4. It's the first day of summer.
  5. We really like to read the comics.

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  1. Típicamente, estudio con ellos.Typically, we study together.


  2. Esquío en Cannonsburg con mis amigos.It's the first of March.


  3. febreroApril


  4. Desayunamos a las siete.We have breakfast at seven.


  5. A veces pescamos en el río.Sometimes we fish in the river.


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