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  1. Artful
  2. Deceit
  3. Relish
  4. Hoard
  5. Vexation
  1. a To take great pleasure or delight in
  2. b Attempt to trick
  3. c Hidden supply
  4. d skillful, clever, tricky
  5. e Discomfort or distress

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  1. To command by law or order
  2. To extinguish; Put out; To relieve with liquid
  3. an attendant at a royal court
  4. Heathen; One with little religion
  5. White with age; Old

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  1. HackOne who forfeits professional integrity for money


  2. FlourishTo make wrinkles or grooves


  3. LoatheDetest; Hate


  4. BoltTo worry or annoy


  5. TreacheryTo cause irritation


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