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  1. after emancipation revolt ring leader general moses gottlieb was taken to prison and put on a boat called
  2. list the leaders of the 1878 rebellion
  3. on which island is 2/3 of its space a National Park
  4. where on st. croix is Bulowsminde located
  5. where was the 1st Danish school built
  1. a St. John
  2. b Queen Mary, Queen Matilda, Queen Agnes
  3. c Ornen
  4. d Beeston Hill
  5. e LaGrand Princess

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  1. Transfer Day
  2. July 3, 1848
  3. Printed the Herald
  4. for protection of the Panama Canal
  5. of slaves inthe danish west indies

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  1. the revolt of 1848 gave the slaves of the danish west indiestheir freedom


  2. at the beginning of the 1733 revolt, leaders used these two signals to let the others know that they had arrived at the forththeir freedom


  3. name the holiday celebrated by virgin islanders in commeration of slave being granted their freedomEmancipation Day


  4. F'Sted is names in honor ofDonna Christiansen


  5. who were the owners of Bulowsmindefor protection of the Panama Canal


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