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  1. How often are senators elected
  2. by 1733 this company had pruchased st. thomas, st. croix, and st. john
  3. the proclamation of 1847 made newborn children of west africans slaves parents free
  4. the park located next to frederiksted fort is named in honor of
  5. identify David Hamilton Jackson
  1. a general buddhoe who fought for our freedom
  2. b Printed the Herald
  3. c every 2 years
  4. d the danish west indies and Gunie company
  5. e all other black people would be free twelve years later

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  1. David Hamilton Jackson Day
  2. 87
  3. the Rockerfellers
  4. the first free black nation in the western hemispher
  5. peter vanscholten

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  1. general buddhoe and martin king worked quietlyLaGrand Princess


  2. the labor act of 1979 forced laborers to sign a yearly contract to work fromoctober 1, to september 30th each year


  3. when Virgin Islanders received their citizenship1927


  4. name the island on which most of the revolts and protest take placest. croix


  5. Why was the VI purchasedfor protection of the Panama Canal


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