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  1. the labor rebellion of 1878 began at the
  2. name the govenor of the danish west indies during the 1848 slave rebellion
  3. on which island is 2/3 of its space a National Park
  4. list one reason why conspiracies were unsuccessful
  5. the years 1754-1815 were feferred to as the Golden Days of st. croix because
  1. a people could not deep the plans among themselves.
  2. b frederiksted fort
  3. c St. John
  4. d peter vanscholten
  5. e sugar plantations were prosperous

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  1. Printed the Herald
  2. Ornen
  3. The Amina
  4. David Hamilton Jackson Day
  5. Alton A. Adams

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  1. by 1733 this company had pruchased st. thomas, st. croix, and st. john1927


  2. where on st. croix is Bulowsminde locatedBeeston Hill


  3. general buddhoe and martin king worked quietlyLaGrand Princess


  4. list the leaders of the 1878 rebellion87


  5. How often are senators electedchristiansted in 1877


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