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  1. Name the holiday celebrated on March 31
  2. who was the boastful conspirator of the failed 1957 conspiracy
  3. name the group of African slaves who rebelled on the island of St. John in 1733
  4. where on st. croix is Bulowsminde located
  5. the labor rebellion of 1878 began at the
  1. a Beeston Hill
  2. b The Amina
  3. c Transfer Day
  4. d frederiksted fort
  5. e Cudjo

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  1. sugar plantations were prosperous
  2. Melvin H. Evans
  3. october 1, to september 30th each year
  4. Emancipation Day
  5. of slaves inthe danish west indies

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  1. who were the owners of BulowsmindeAnna Heegaard and Peter Von Scholten


  2. Which country sold the DWI to the USDenmark


  3. the name of the family which owned the largest privately owned parcel of land in the islands of st. croix until about five years agoMelvin H. Evans


  4. the central factory opened inhe was one of the first virgin islanders on the main land who gave financial support and


  5. identify Casper Holsteinhis name was Moses Gottleb, the leader of the 1848 rebillion


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