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  1. Name the holiday celebrated on March 31
  2. F'Sted is names in honor of
  3. the revolt of 1848 gave the slaves of the danish west indies
  4. even though the 1733 rebellion was not totally successful it was an important step towards the freedom
  5. Laurance Rockefeller opened an environmentally focused hotel
  1. a at Caneel Bay on St. John, USVI
  2. b King Fredrick V
  3. c Transfer Day
  4. d of slaves inthe danish west indies
  5. e their freedom

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  1. the danish west indies and Gunie company
  2. Emancipation Day
  3. peter vanscholten
  4. Donna Christiansen
  5. Anna Heegaard and Peter Von Scholten

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  1. the central factory opened inchristiansted in 1877


  2. name the group of African slaves who rebelled on the island of St. John in 1733their freedom


  3. the labor act of 1979 forced laborers to sign a yearly contract to work fromfrederiksted fort


  4. after emancipation revolt ring leader general moses gottlieb was taken to prison and put on a boat calledgeneral buddhoe who fought for our freedom


  5. where was the 1st Danish school builtLaGrand Princess


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