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  1. name the proclamation that made Sunday a free day
  2. How often are senators elected
  3. name the holiday celebrated by virgin islanders in commeration of slave being granted their freedom
  4. by 1733 this company had pruchased st. thomas, st. croix, and st. john
  5. when Virgin Islanders received their citizenship
  1. a Emancipation Day
  2. b 1927
  3. c the danish west indies and Gunie company
  4. d every 2 years
  5. e 1843 proclamation

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  1. the Rockerfellers
  2. the first free black nation in the western hemispher
  3. the firing of cannons and the sound of the talking drums
  4. people could not deep the plans among themselves.
  5. st. croix

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  1. the years 1754-1815 were feferred to as the Golden Days of st. croix becausetheir freedom


  2. identify Casper Holsteinhe was one of the first virgin islanders on the main land who gave financial support and


  3. on what date in history was the slaves in the danish west indies granted their freedomJuly 3, 1848


  4. the central factory opened inchristiansted in 1877


  5. the proclamation of 1847 made newborn children of west africans slaves parents freeall other black people would be free twelve years later


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