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  1. Federal Gov
  2. Presidential Leadership
  3. Parliamentary Leadership
  4. Republic
  5. Democracy
  1. a Leader: Prime Minister; usually a Parliament
  2. b rule by the ppl; free elections
  3. c Democracy - power to citizens who vote for officials, they are responsible to them
  4. d executive and legislative branches separate
  5. e balance of authority b/w central and local gov; if conflict arises, central gov wins

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  1. pol unit w/ defined territory, organized under gov and enforces/makes law
  2. 4 Broad Principles:
    1. Free Enterprise: choose own work/profession
    2. Private Ownership of the Means of Production: anything that makes or owns anything is owned by private individuals
    3. Profit Motive: ppl should be free to enjoy rewards of labor
    4. Competition: struggle b/w companies to sell goods/services; lower prices and better products
  3. elect ppl to make decisions for the ppl
  4. central gov weak, local gov strong
  5. official currency of EU

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  1. Unitary Govbalance of authority b/w central and local gov; if conflict arises, central gov wins


  2. Monarchylack of gov, chaos


  3. CISCommonwealth of Independent States, replaced USSR in 1991


  4. Proletariatsoc class in Marxism/Communism taken advantage of by the Bourgeoisie; workers and laborers


  5. SocialismEconomic system advocates for gov ownership of means of production


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