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  1. EU
  2. Direct Democracy
  3. Prime Minister
  4. Indirect Democracy
  5. Constitution
  1. a elect ppl to make decisions for the ppl
  2. b leader of a Parliamentary Gov
  3. c plan, often written, which details rules and functions of gov
  4. d European Union, an economic confederacy with no central body
  5. e sys of gov which all eligible voters make every decision

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  1. 4 Broad Principles:
    1. Free Enterprise: choose own work/profession
    2. Private Ownership of the Means of Production: anything that makes or owns anything is owned by private individuals
    3. Profit Motive: ppl should be free to enjoy rewards of labor
    4. Competition: struggle b/w companies to sell goods/services; lower prices and better products
  2. econ sys where gov role is large
  3. all unelected gov workers
  4. hated Communism, but was essentially the same; Hitler and Mussolini
  5. Democracy - power to citizens who vote for officials, they are responsible to them

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  1. CommunismEconomic system advocates for gov ownership of means of production


  2. Parliamentary LeadershipLeader: Prime Minister; usually a Parliament


  3. Market Economyecon sys where gov role is large


  4. Sovereigntygov in which ruler's power is hereditary (one ruler)


  5. Bourgeoisiesoc class in Marxism/Communism that profits from the Proletariat; the "haves" or owners of factories


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