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American Government Unit 1 Vocabulary Test

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  1. Parliamentary Leadership
  2. Market Economy
  3. Democracy
  4. Constitution
  5. Bureaucracy
  1. a econ sys where gov role is small
  2. b all unelected gov workers
  3. c plan, often written, which details rules and functions of gov
  4. d Leader: Prime Minister; usually a Parliament
  5. e rule by the ppl; free elections

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. soc class in Marxism/Communism that profits from the Proletariat; the "haves" or owners of factories
  2. keep gov out of economy
  3. leader of a Parliamentary Gov
  4. soc class in Marxism/Communism taken advantage of by the Bourgeoisie; workers and laborers
  5. Commonwealth of Independent States, replaced USSR in 1991

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  1. Totalitarianismtotal power to an individual or small, elite group


  2. Indirect Democracyelect ppl to make decisions for the ppl


  3. SocialismEconomic system advocates for gov ownership of means of production


  4. Oligarchyrule by a few


  5. EUofficial currency of EU


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