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  1. Command Economy
  2. Fascism
  3. Federal Gov
  4. Socialism
  5. Laissez-Faire Capitalism
  1. a econ sys where gov role is large
  2. b balance of authority b/w central and local gov; if conflict arises, central gov wins
  3. c hated Communism, but was essentially the same; Hitler and Mussolini
  4. d Economic system advocates for gov ownership of means of production
  5. e keep gov out of economy

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  1. all unelected gov workers
  2. econ sys where gov role is small
  3. Marxist-Leninist Theory; gov controls everything
    1. Econ View of History: struggle b/w haves and have nots, Bourgeoisie and Proletariats
    2. Labor Theory of Value: cost and labor of product = selling value
  4. soc class in Marxism/Communism that profits from the Proletariat; the "haves" or owners of factories
  5. Democracy - power to citizens who vote for officials, they are responsible to them

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  1. Proletariatrule by a few


  2. Constitutionplan, often written, which details rules and functions of gov


  3. Confederate Govcentral gov weak, local gov strong


  4. EuroEuropean Union, an economic confederacy with no central body


  5. CISCommonwealth of Independent States, replaced USSR in 1991


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