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  1. Stage 1
    (Hodgkin's disease, stages of severity)
  2. RDW (Red cell distribution width)
  3. Cytic
  4. Blood Protein Breakdown
  5. Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia (Diagnostics)
  1. a MCV increased, macrocytic, normochromic
    serum folate low, cobalamin normal
    gastric analysis + for HCl acid
  2. b Single lymph node region or single extralymphatic site
  3. c is a calculation of the variation in the size of your RBCs
  4. d Albumin- 58%, Globulin 38%, Fibrinogen 4%
  5. e Size

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  1. Congential or acquired (-70% idiopathic)
  2. Dark sticky feces containing partly digested blood.
  3. Similar to B12 deficiency
    GI, dyspepsis, smooth/beefy red tounge
    NO neurological symptoms
  4. Plasma cells infiltrate the bone marrow and destroy bone.
    Longevity-2yrs post-diagnosis, avg age 65 men>women
    Diagnostic findings: pancytopenia, increased uric acid, calcium, creatinine, + Monoclonal (M) antibody protein & Bence Jones protein
  5. Vitamin C: citrus fruits, green leafy veggies, strawberries, cantaloupe

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  1. PurpuraA rash of purple spots on the skin caused by internal bleeding from small blood vessels.


  2. CromicColor


  3. Stage 2
    (Hodgkin's disease, stages of severity)
    Single lymph node region or single extralymphatic site


  4. RBC Maturation
    (Essential Nutrients for RBC production)
    B12: Meats,Liver
    Folic Acid: green leafy veggies, meat, fish,grains


  5. LeukemiaA small red or purple spot caused by bleeding into the skin.


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