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  1. • Impose control over some
    instinctive behaviors
    • In mammals, it appears to
    inhibit some of these
    instinctive patterns
    - Key parts:
    - Hypothalamus
    - Amygdala
    - Hippocampus
  2. • Deterioration of
    memory, reasoning,
    and language skills
    • Symptoms may be
    due to loss of ACh
  3. - Symptoms include:
    • Difficulty starting and stopping voluntary movements
    • Tremors at rest
    • Stooped posture
    • Rigidity
    • Poor balance
  4. • Preserves syntax, but can be remarkably devoid of
    - Problems finding right word to use
    - Sometimes words are made up
  5. • Relay station in brain
    • Processes most
    information to and from
    higher brain structures
    • Role in attention
  6. - Vision (primary visual cortex

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  1. Cerebellum• Balance and coordination
    - Playing the piano, kicking,
    • Ex. Pigeons vs. Ballerinas


  2. Botox: Relative of botulism
    toxin (induces paralysis)
    - Sometimes used to treat
    muscle spasms
    - Commonly used for cosmetic


  3. Amygdala• Linked to emotion
    - Fear, aggression, anger
    - Recognition of facial


  4. LobotomyPartial Removal of Frontal Lobe
    • Involves destruction of brain
    tissue in the frontal lobe


  5. Temporal Lobe- Processes spatial and sensory
    information (somatosensory


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