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  1. Mercenary
  2. Inflation
  3. Bread and circuses
  4. Woman's
  5. Weak, corrupt rulers
  1. a Food and entertainment for the poor. To prevent a revolt.
  2. b When money has less value.
  3. c A solider that is getting paid to fight.
  4. d Who's social position depended on the husband's wealth.
  5. e One of the reasons Rome fell.

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  1. Roman word for family.
  2. They protected Roman interests.
  3. Western half of Rome falls.
  4. Roman slaves that fought in the arena.
  5. A roman writer that didn't approve of the brutal sports.

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  1. ConstantineWhere Constantine will move the capital to. Later becomes Constantinople.


  2. Apartment buildingsWere the poor lived. Made of wood.


  3. Father and slaveryHad absolute power in the household. Could sell his children into what.


  4. Vandalsroman country estates for the wealthy people.


  5. DiocletianRoman emperor who divided the empire in two, to make it easier to rule.


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