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  1. seditioius
  2. exhort
  3. assuage
  4. provincial
  5. ameliorate
  1. a pertaining to an outlying area...... a person with a narrow point of view
  2. b to improve, make better
  3. c resistant to law authority
  4. d to make easier or milder, relieve
  5. e to urge strongly

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  1. excessively smooth or smug
  2. thin,slender,not dense
  3. roundabout, not direct
  4. to think for believe without certain supporting evidence
  5. the expression of approval or favorable opinion

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  1. adventitiousresistant to law authority


  2. decadencedecline or decay


  3. stringenttp rose above or beyond


  4. aplombto urge strongly


  5. petulantpeevish, annoyed by trifles


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