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  1. vitrolic
  2. expedite
  3. tenuous
  4. peculate
  5. expiate
  1. a thin,slender,not dense
  2. b bitter sarcastic
  3. c to make amends
  4. d to steal something that has been given into one's trust
  5. e to make easy, cause to progress faster

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  1. shade cast by trees
  2. the modification of the social patterns, traits, or structures of one group or society by contact with those of another
  3. belonging to someone or something by its very nature
  4. resistant to law authority
  5. to improve, make better

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  1. inveighto make a violent attack in words


  2. adventitiousresulting from chance rather then from inherent cause


  3. decadencea state of great excitement


  4. unctuousexcessively smooth or smug


  5. transcendstrict, severe


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