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  1. intrinsic
  2. lurid
  3. unctuous
  4. exhort
  5. vitrolic
  1. a excessively smooth or smug
  2. b belonging to someone or something by its very nature
  3. c causing shock, horror, or revulsion
  4. d bitter sarcastic
  5. e to urge strongly

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  1. resulting from chance rather then from inherent cause
  2. to make easy, cause to progress faster
  3. pertaining to an outlying area...... a person with a narrow point of view
  4. to make a violent attack in words
  5. thin,slender,not dense

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  1. decadencedecline or decay


  2. enjointhin,slender,not dense


  3. petulantto steal something that has been given into one's trust


  4. fermentstrict, severe


  5. abominateto have an intense dislike or hatred for


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