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  1. equivocate
  2. pernicious
  3. Trepidation
  4. odious
  5. caustic
  1. a Apprehension, fear
  2. b severely critical or sarcastic
  3. c to use misleading language; to avoid making an explicit statement
  4. d highly injurious or destructive
  5. e hateful, offensive

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  1. Whimsical, impulsive
  2. Pleasant, friendly
  3. overly difficult to please; meticulous
  4. to renounce solemnly; recant; abstain from; to give up
  5. pleasant, friendly

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  1. poignantNeedy, poor


  2. IgnominiousMarked by shame or disgrace; despicable


  3. Vernacularcharacterized by joking; playful


  4. propitiousfavorable


  5. trepidationDeviation from what is right or normal


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