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  1. Dolorous
  2. vacillate
  3. Denigrate
  4. Garrulous
  5. jocular
  1. a To belittle the character of; defame
  2. b to fluctuate or show indecision
  3. c Marked by or exhibiting sorrow grief, or pain
  4. d characterized by joking; playful
  5. e Talkative; wordy and rambling

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  1. apprehension, fear
  2. Feeling or showing haughty disdain; arrogant
  3. Needy, poor
  4. very wicked
  5. Marked by shame or disgrace; despicable

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  1. taciturndisinclined to talk, reserved, reticent, closemouthed


  2. sagaciouskeenly perceptive: shrewd


  3. affablepleasant, friendly


  4. pragmaticpractical; deliberate and logical in thinking


  5. Solacecharacterized by joking; playful


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