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  1. Capricious
  2. Solace
  3. conjecture
  4. rancor
  5. Trepidation
  1. a to infer from inconclusive evidence, surmise; guess
  2. b Apprehension, fear
  3. c Alleviation of grief or anxiety; a source of relief or consolation; peace
  4. d Whimsical, impulsive
  5. e a continuing and bitter hatred

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  1. Pleasant, friendly
  2. To deceive, especially with charm
  3. Feeling or showing haughty disdain; arrogant
  4. overly difficult to please; meticulous
  5. wealth

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  1. taciturn1. Of little disposition; kind, gracious
    2. Having little or no detrimental effect; harmless


  2. CopaceticVery satisfactory or acceptable


  3. jocularcharacterized by joking; playful


  4. AberrationDeviation from what is right or normal


  5. Calloushateful, offensive


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