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  1. Affable
  2. Callous
  3. implacable
  4. Paradox
  5. Acquiesce
  1. a Hardened, unfeeling
  2. b A seemingly contradictory statement that may nonetheless be true
  3. c not able to pacify or appease
  4. d To give up without protest
  5. e Pleasant, friendly

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  1. to make more violent, bitter, severe
  2. apprehension, fear
  3. Unreasonably stubborn
  4. Deliberate breach of faith, a calculated violation of trust; treachery
  5. to renounce solemnly; recant; abstain from; to give up

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  1. BenignTo deceive, especially with charm


  2. SuperfluousTalkative; wordy and rambling


  3. SolaceAlleviation of grief or anxiety; a source of relief or consolation; peace


  4. TrepidationDeviation from what is right or normal


  5. Ignominiousfavorable


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