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  1. Polar easterlies
  2. trade winds
  3. global wind that affects the United States
  4. air pressure
  5. latitude
  1. a the distance from the equator measured in degrees
  2. b the measure of the force with which air molecules push on a surface
  3. c westerlies
  4. d Prevailing winds that blow northeast from 30 degrees north latitude to the equator and that blow southeast from 30 degrees south latitude to the equator
  5. e wind belts that extend from the poles to 60 degrees latitude in both hemispheres

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  1. winds that blow over short distances; caused by the uneven heating of land and water examples are land and sea breezes
  2. 3 - trade winds, westerlies, polar easterlies
  3. movement of air from sea to land during the day when cooler air from above the water moves over the land, forcing the heated, less dense air above the land to rise
  4. high pressure
  5. jet stream

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  1. cold air is more dense andsinks


  2. Coriolis effectan instrument used to measure wind speed


  3. rising warm air has this type of air pressurehigh pressure


  4. Warm air has ___________ pressure than cold airlower pressure


  5. prevailing westerlieswinds that blow west to east between 30 and 60 degrees in the northern and southern hemispheres; we live here


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