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Global chap 8 Test

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  1. frontier
  2. Tournaments
  3. serfs
  4. journeymen
  5. guilds
  1. a associations of artisans and merchants
  2. b bound to the land
  3. c salaried workers
  4. d a sparsely populated undevelped area on the outskirts of a civilization
  5. e mock battles

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  1. tax equal to a tenth of your income
  2. estate
  3. many merchants in one orginization
  4. an order excluding an entire town region or kingdom from recieving most sacrements & a Christian burial
  5. prejudice against Jews

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  1. chartermoney for investment


  2. usurybound to the land


  3. Feudal Contractwas a loosely organized system of rule which powerful lcal lrds divided their landholdings among lesser lords


  4. knighttax equal to a tenth of your income


  5. Sacramentmock battles


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