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  1. knight
  2. Fief
  3. Chivalry
  4. bill of exchange
  5. guilds
  1. a a code of conduct
  2. b mounted warrior
  3. c a practice adopted from Middle Eastern Merchants, replaced the need to carry gold coins
  4. d estate
  5. e associations of artisans and merchants

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  1. officials sent to control the provincial rulers
  2. the Latin word for Middle Age
  3. tax equal to a tenth of your income
  4. money for investment
  5. the relationship between the lords and vassals establised by custom, tradition and an exchange of pledges

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  1. canon lawmoney for investment


  2. partnershupmany merchants in one orginization


  3. Tournamentssalaried workers


  4. middle classthe Latin word for Middle Age


  5. manorthe lord's estate


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