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  1. frontier
  2. Sacrament
  3. feudalism
  4. usury
  5. partnershup
  1. a many merchants in one orginization
  2. b was a loosely organized system of rule which powerful lcal lrds divided their landholdings among lesser lords
  3. c lending money at interest
  4. d the sacred rites of the church
  5. e a sparsely populated undevelped area on the outskirts of a civilization

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  1. bound to the land
  2. the relationship between the lords and vassals establised by custom, tradition and an exchange of pledges
  3. the Latin word for Middle Age
  4. a code of conduct
  5. money for investment

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  1. bill of exchangebetween nobles and pesants


  2. knightmounted warrior


  3. tenant farmerspeople wh paod rent for their land or hired farm laborers


  4. Missi Dominiciprejudice against Jews


  5. Tournamentsthe sacred rites of the church


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