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  1. tenant farmers
  2. Missi Dominici
  3. Papal supremeact
  4. Chivalry
  5. trubadours
  1. a officials sent to control the provincial rulers
  2. b wandering poets
  3. c authority over all secular rulers
  4. d a code of conduct
  5. e people wh paod rent for their land or hired farm laborers

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  1. many merchants in one orginization
  2. lending money at interest
  3. money for investment
  4. a practice adopted from Middle Eastern Merchants, replaced the need to carry gold coins
  5. mock battles

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  1. friarsestate


  2. manorestate


  3. Sacramentmock battles


  4. frontierestate


  5. guildsmonks who did not live in isolated monasteries


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