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  1. Vassals
  2. simony
  3. partnershup
  4. middle class
  5. serfs
  1. a bound to the land
  2. b between nobles and pesants
  3. c many merchants in one orginization
  4. d lesser lords
  5. e the selling of church offices

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  1. tax equal to a tenth of your income
  2. lending money at interest
  3. mounted warrior
  4. people wh paod rent for their land or hired farm laborers
  5. monks who did not live in isolated monasteries

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  1. guildsmonks who did not live in isolated monasteries


  2. chartera written document that set the rights and privaleges for a town


  3. canon lawbody of laws developed by the medieval church


  4. trubadourswandering poets


  5. Chivalrya code of conduct


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