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  1. simony
  2. journeymen
  3. charter
  4. secular
  5. Tournaments
  1. a a written document that set the rights and privaleges for a town
  2. b the selling of church offices
  3. c salaried workers
  4. d mock battles
  5. e worldly force in medieval Europe

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  1. a practice adopted from Middle Eastern Merchants, replaced the need to carry gold coins
  2. the sacred rites of the church
  3. bound to the land
  4. traniee
  5. mounted warrior

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  1. Chivalrymoney for investment


  2. Curriculumformal course of study


  3. middle classthe Latin word for Middle Age


  4. frontiermonks who did not live in isolated monasteries


  5. Vassalsmonks who did not live in isolated monasteries


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