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  1. Rolling Thunder
  2. Mussolini
  3. Guerrilla Warfare
  4. Lend Lease Act
  5. Bus Boycott
  1. a A bombing campaign begun by LBJ against North Vietnam
  2. b Leader of Italy during WWII
  3. c supplying other countries during WWII
  4. d A hit-and-run technique used in fighting a war; fighting by small bands of warriors using tactics such as sudden ambushes
  5. e form of protest in which protesters boycott the buses for over a year.

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  1. President during the BEGINNING of the Great Depression
  2. place of second atomic bombing
  3. Draft Dodgers Americans who opposed the war and left the US rather than fight
  4. policy recognizing the possibility that Eastern Europe was already lost to Communism
  5. Music popular among teenagers during the 1950's

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  1. Brown vs Boardoperation to take back Europe from the Axis powers


  2. Civil DisobedienceA nonviolent, public refusal to obey allegedly unjust laws.


  3. I Love Lucyoperation to take back Europe from the Axis powers


  4. DallasLiterary rebels against conformity and consumer culture


  5. Joseph StalinLeader of Soviet Union during WWII


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