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  1. Overproduction
  2. Tet Offensive
  3. Sputnik
  4. Dallas
  5. Mussolini
  1. a make too much of something causing the price to go down
  2. b National Liberation Front and North Vietnamese forces launched a huge attack on the Vietnamese New Year (Tet), which was defeated after a month of fighting and many thousands of casualties; major defeat for communism, but Americans reacted sharply, with declining approval of LBJ and more anti-war sentiment.
  3. c City JFK was shot and killed
  4. d Leader of Italy during WWII
  5. e The first artificial satellite sent into space, launched by the Soviets.

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  1. Leader of Soviet Union during WWII
  2. The hostile (competitive) yet nonviolent relationship (rivalry) between the Soviet Union and the United States and their respective allies from between 1945 till 1990ish..
  3. rule requiring men of a certain age to apply to a draft board and possibly fight in war.
  4. to have a abundance of money, property, and other material good or riches
  5. place of first atomic bombing

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  1. blacklistthe Nazi program of exterminating Jews under Hitler


  2. blitzkriegList of people who employers agree not hire


  3. Zapruder FilmThe first artificial satellite sent into space, launched by the Soviets.


  4. Punji Trapa camouflaged pit filled with razor-sharp stakes that were sometimes poisoned


  5. Pearl HarborDecember 7, 1941


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