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  1. Releaseing and inhibiting hormones synthesized by hypothalamic neurosecretory cells are transported within axons and released at the axon terminals.
  2. by chemically binding specific protein receptors
  3. Blood vessels, No
  4. Thyroxine & T4
  5. oxt
  1. a what is the abbreviation for oxytocin?
  2. b How will hormone affect specific cells to perform a function?
  3. c What is the name of the blood supply which surrounds the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary gland? does this system supply the posterior pituitary gland?
  4. d What is the purpose of the hyphyseal portal system?
  5. e WHat hormones are released by follicular cells of the thyroid gland?

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  1. What is prolactin target?
  2. what are the tergets of oxytocin?
  3. Compare effects of endocrine system with those of nervous system
  4. What are the 3 principle classes of lipid soluble hormones?
  5. what does igf stand for?

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  1. During delivery of the child birth and after deliverywhat are the tergets of oxytocin?


  2. Somatotropin, somatotropin hormoneWhat does sth stand for?


  3. Diabetes insipidusWHat is antidiuretic hormone's other name?


  4. In the nucleus and sometimes the cytoplasm of the target cellwhere will the lipid soluble receptors be located?


  5. Secrete their products into ducts that carry the secretions into a body cavity, into a lumen of an organ, or onto the outer surface of the bodyendocrine glands


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