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  1. Congenital hypothyroidism
  2. Causes facial tissues to swell up &look pufy. Has a slow heart rate, low body temp, sensitivity to cold dry hair in skin, musclular weakness, general lethargy & tendonsy to gain weight
  3. on the cells of the thyroid gland
  4. a portion of the diencephalon, lying beneath the thalamus
  5. Secrete their products into interstitial fluid then the hormones diffuse into blood capillaries & blood carries them thoughout the body
  1. a What is hypothalamus?
  2. b What condition do you have with little secreton of thyroid hormone at birth?
  3. c endocrine glands
  4. d What are the effects of too little secretion of thyroid hormone in an adult
  5. e Where are receptors located?

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  1. What are the 3 principle classes of lipid soluble hormones?
  2. List the slak like structure which attaches the pituitary gland to the hypothalamus?
  3. WHat is antidiuretic hormone's other name?
  4. hypersecretion
  5. Hyposecretion

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  1. HypophysisThe pituitary gland has another name, what is it?


  2. Diabetes insipidusWhat condition occurs if a person had defects with adh receptors or has an inability to secrete adh?


  3. Thyroxine & T4What is prolactin target?


  4. just below the larnyx (voice box)What the hgh stand for?


  5. Human Growth HormoneWhat is the general term for hormones which will stimulate the anterior pituitary to realease its hormones?


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