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  1. Gas, Steroid, thyroid hormones
  2. an autoimmune disease that
  3. Several endocrine glands plus many hormone secreting cells in organs that have functions besides secreting hormones
  4. Growth hormone Releasing hormone
  5. Releaseing and inhibiting hormones synthesized by hypothalamic neurosecretory cells are transported within axons and released at the axon terminals.
  1. a What is the purpose of the hyphyseal portal system?
  2. b What does ghrh stand for?
  3. c What does the endocrine system consist of?
  4. d What are the 3 principle classes of lipid soluble hormones?
  5. e What is graves disease?

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  1. WHat hormones are released by follicular cells of the thyroid gland?
  2. What are the effects does the graves disease have?
  3. What is the general term for hormones which will stimulate the anterior pituitary to realease its hormones?
  4. What the hgh stand for?
  5. When is oxytocin released?

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  1. just below the larnyx (voice box)Where is the thyroid gland located?


  2. Diabetes insipidusList the slak like structure which attaches the pituitary gland to the hypothalamus?


  3. VasopressinWHat is antidiuretic hormone's other name?


  4. by chemically binding specific protein receptorsWhere are receptors located?


  5. in adequate release of a hormonehypersecretion


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