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  1. Secrete their products into ducts that carry the secretions into a body cavity, into a lumen of an organ, or onto the outer surface of the body
  2. Vasopressin
  3. The mothers uterus and breasts
  4. Gas, Steroid, thyroid hormones
  5. an autoimmune disease that
  1. a What are the 3 principle classes of lipid soluble hormones?
  2. b WHat is antidiuretic hormone's other name?
  3. c Exocrine glands
  4. d What is graves disease?
  5. e what are the tergets of oxytocin?

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  1. What does sth stand for?
  2. What function does the hypothalumus perform for the endocrine system?
  3. What is the general term for hormones which will stimulate the anterior pituitary to realease its hormones?
  4. When is oxytocin released?
  5. What condition do you have with little secreton of thyroid hormone at birth?

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  1. Initiates and maintains milk production by the mammary glandsWhat is the effect of prolactin?


  2. by chemically binding specific protein receptorsHow will hormone affect specific cells to perform a function?


  3. They work together, certain parts of the nervous system stimulate or in hibit the release of hormones by the endocrine systemCompare effects of endocrine system with those of nervous system


  4. A specialized cell or a distal portion of a neuron that responds to a specific sensory modalitywhat are target cells?


  5. mimic the action of thyroid-stimulation hormone tsh)What are the two hormones which are stored and released by the porsterior pituitary gland?


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