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  1. Human Growth Hormone
  2. oxt
  3. the floor & part of the wall of the third vernticle
  4. They work together, certain parts of the nervous system stimulate or in hibit the release of hormones by the endocrine system
  5. Hypophysis
  1. a What function does the hypothalumus perform for the endocrine system?
  2. b What is the general term for hormones which will stimulate the anterior pituitary to realease its hormones?
  3. c what is the abbreviation for oxytocin?
  4. d Compare effects of endocrine system with those of nervous system
  5. e The pituitary gland has another name, what is it?

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  1. The receptor on the water soluble will be found where?
  2. What is prolactin target?
  3. What are receptors?
  4. What does ghrh stand for?
  5. What condition do you have with too little secretion of thyroid hormone if your an adult?

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  1. Growth hormone inhibiting hormoneWhat does ghrh stand for?


  2. signals from the nervous system, chemical changes in the blood & other hormonesWhat 3 things will regulate hormone secretion?


  3. VasopressinThe pituitary gland has another name, what is it?


  4. Somatotropin, somatotropin hormoneWhat does sth stand for?


  5. Kydneys, swewat glands, and smooth musclehypersecretion


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