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  1. phlebitis
  2. pulmonary system
  3. arterioles
  4. septum
  5. stent
  1. a the system of blood vessels that carries deoxygenated blood to the lungs and oxygenated blood back to the heart
  2. b small metallic, mesh, cylinder that is inserted into the blocked artery. It remains in place, preventing the artery from closing again
  3. c The thick muscular wall that separates the left side of the heart from the right side. The septum prevents oxygen rich and oxygen poor blood from mixing in the heart.
  4. d inflammation of the veins
  5. e small vessels that receive blood from the arteries

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  1. Size of a large male fist. Located in the centre of your chest. It keeps the blood containing oxygen seperated from the blood containing carbon-dioxide.
  2. average adult has 5L of blood, has two parts which are the plasma and cells
  3. an anti-clogging drug used for low-risk patients & stronger drugs for higher risk patients
  4. while the catheter is in place a small balloon is threaded through the blockage, it is inflated, and opens the artery
  5. tubes that carry blood as it circulates. Arteries bring oxygenated blood from the heart and lungs; veins return oxygen-depleted blood back to the heart and lungs

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  1. varicose veinsBlood vessels that carry blood away from the heart.


  2. venulesvessels that carry blood to the heart


  3. plasmaliquid portion of blood. Colorless watery fluid of blood and lymph containing no cells and in which erythrocytes and leukocytes and platelets are suspended


  4. white blood cellsprotect the body against invading microrganisms and toxins


  5. plateletsBlood vessels that carry blood away from the heart.


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