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  1. William Gladstone
  2. Benjamin Disraeli
  3. Bismark, Cavour and Louis Napoleon understood what political essential?
  4. Three realist writers
  5. Realism
  1. a conservative, British prime minister, wanted state intervention for poor, sponsored Factory Act 1875
  2. b Charles Dickens (Hard Times) Gustave Flaubert (Madame Bovary) Dostoyevsky (Crime and Punishment)
  3. c importance of public opinion
  4. d classic liberal (free markets) British Prime minister, wanted wealthy to pay for poor, education and military reformer,
  5. e rejection of romantic idealism and subjectivity.

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  1. opportunistic politician and realist. wanted to unify Italy and make it a major European power.
  2. the red shirts
  3. capitalist.
  4. realist painter. The Artist's Studio, Burial at Ornans, Stone Breakers
  5. first Earl of Beaconsfield

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  1. Why was Britain successful in changing without revolution?Liberty was considered a birthright and parliament adapted to change.


  2. Who rote On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection?Victor Emmanuel II


  3. Cavour was a premier under __________ and first minister under his son, ____________.Victor Emmanuel II


  4. Francois IIking of Sicily


  5. Giuseppe Mazzini lead....the red shirts


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