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Italian Unification Test Test

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  1. Who was the first king of united Italy?
  2. Giuseppe Garibaldi lead....
  3. Bismark, Cavour and Louis Napoleon understood what political essential?
  4. Who involved Piedmont Sardinia with the Crimean War?
  5. Tuscany, Modena, Parma and Romagna rejected their....
  1. a importance of public opinion
  2. b Cavour
  3. c the red shirts
  4. d Victor Emmanuel II
  5. e Austrian rulers

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  1. showed off modern technology
  2. opportunistic politician and realist. wanted to unify Italy and make it a major European power.
  3. False. Both failed
  4. big scientist of the age who sailed around in the Beagle. Found the Galapagos islands.
  5. Charles Darwin!

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  1. Giuseppe Mazzini lead....the red shirts


  2. Britain has a _________ economy.capitalist.


  3. New realistsrejection of romantic idealism and subjectivity.


  4. Realismgroup that understood the power of the press


  5. Cavour was a premier under __________ and first minister under his son, ____________.Victor Emmanuel II


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