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  1. Ottoman Empire
  2. Booker T. Washington
  3. John D. Rockefeller
  4. Rural
  5. Tenement
  1. a An Empire that joined the Central Powers Group
  2. b Farming
  3. c African American leader who believed in equality through education and accepted segregation
  4. d He controlled oil industry
  5. e A building divided into apartments; usually overcrowded, dirty, poorly built and very small

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  1. Most famous settlement house in the US
  2. against drinking alcohol
  3. A way to make steel quickly and cheaply
  4. Combined the assembly line with auto production
  5. Cities

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  1. 4 MAIN reasons for WWIMilitarism


  2. Mail OrderBuying from catologue; delivered by railroad or wagon


  3. Jane AddamsFounder of Hull House


  4. WEB du boisUS bonds sold during WWI to raise money for loans to the Allies; when cashed in would repay with interest; a way to help pay for war craft


  5. Captains of industryBusiness people who are willing to take a risk; synonym- entrepreneur


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