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  1. settlement houses
  2. direct primary
  3. Oppressive government
  4. Political Machine
  5. WEB du bois
  1. a Neighboorhood center staffed by professionals and volunteers offering to the poor
  2. b african american leader who felt full rights could be achieved through suffrage
  3. c Political Party organization in big cities that holds power by controlling votes, counts, polls
  4. d nomination of candidates for office made by voters
  5. e The part of a country or city that makes laws; usually harsh; unreasonable; favoring one group over another

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  1. President Woodrow Wilson's plan for eliminate all future wars
  2. against drinking alcohol
  3. HEAR
    Hope 4 better oppurtunities
    Escape oppresive gov't
    Religous Freedom
  4. ZITS
    Zimmermmann Note
    Inability to remain neutral
    US ties with great britain
    Sinking Lusitania
  5. union leaders negociate with factory owners for better ages with factory owners for better wages and working hours

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  1. USS MaineCities


  2. RuralFarming


  3. Andrew CarnegieBattleship which exploded in Havana Harbor


  4. progressivescitizens propose a Bill by petitioning with a specific number of signatures from registered voters


  5. Monroe DoctrineA violent work stoppage at a Carnegie plant in PA


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