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  1. Fourteen Points
  2. Industrilation
  3. temperance/ 18th amendment
  4. Ellis Island
  5. direct primary
  1. a President Woodrow Wilson's plan for eliminate all future wars
  2. b against drinking alcohol
  3. c An area in New York harbor that became a receving station for immigrants
  4. d Election in which nominations of candinates for office are made by voters
  5. e The growth of industry/ factories

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  1. journalist who reported negative conditions of factories, cities, politics
  2. Business people who are willing to take a risk; synonym- entrepreneur
  3. right to vote for women
  4. Statment warning Europe to stay out of the US
  5. Strip of land between the trenches of opposing armies along the western front during WWI

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  1. NaturalizationProcess immigrants go through to become American citizens


  2. Corneilus VanderbiltBritish passenger liner sunk by a German U- boat in May 1915; the deaths of 126 Americans onboard contributed to the US entry in WWI


  3. Elizabeth Cady StantonThis person worked to acheive vote for women


  4. HawaiiCities


  5. ghettoA section of the city in which many members of one national or ethnic group live; today usually home for the poor


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