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  1. Oppressive government
  2. Results 4 SpAm war
  3. plessy v. ferguson
  4. Hawaii
  5. Captains of industry
  1. a World Power
    New Territories
    Puerto Rico
  2. b 1896 supreme court case that ruled separate faculties legal if equal
  3. c Business people who are willing to take a risk; synonym- entrepreneur
  4. d Pacific island nation
  5. e The part of a country or city that makes laws; usually harsh; unreasonable; favoring one group over another

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  1. ZITS
    Zimmermmann Note
    Inability to remain neutral
    US ties with great britain
    Sinking Lusitania
  2. people can vote directly on a proposed law
  3. moderate reformers who worked to protect, preserve, improve American society
  4. They flew the first gas powered airplane
  5. african american leader who believed in equality through education and accepted segregation

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  1. Homestead StrikeHe worked with electricity/ devoloped a partical eletric lightbulb


  2. Thomas EdisonHe worked with electricity/ devoloped a partical eletric lightbulb


  3. temperance/ 18th amendmentAddition to the Constitution forbiding production, sale, consumption of alcohol


  4. Corneilus VanderbiltLeader of shipping and railroads


  5. Bessemer ProcessA way to make steel quickly and cheaply


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