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  1. Thomas Edison
  2. Jane Addams
  3. Political Machine
  4. Homestead Strike
  5. Central Powers
  1. a He worked with electricity/ devoloped a partical eletric lightbulb
  2. b Founder of Hull House
  3. c A violent work stoppage at a Carnegie plant in PA
  4. d WWI alliance led by Austria- Hungary and Germany and later joined by Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire
  5. e Political Party organization in big cities that holds power by controlling votes, counts, polls

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  1. Organization for workers of an specific industry
  2. moderate reformers who worked to protect, preserve, improve American society
  3. Battleship which exploded in Havana Harbor
  4. WWI military strategy of defending a position by fighting from the protection of deep ditches
  5. Telegram sent by Germany's foreign minister to Mexico during WWI proposing an alliance, Tried to get Mexico to attack america

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  1. Gilded AgeThe section of a passenger ship occupied by people paying the least amount


  2. Reasons for Us involvement in WWIHEAR
    Hope 4 better oppurtunities
    Escape oppresive gov't
    Religous Freedom


  3. IndustrilationWhen a nation avoids involvement with other countries


  4. assimilationprocess of a person, group or culture absorbing


  5. militarismBritish passenger liner sunk by a German U- boat in May 1915; the deaths of 126 Americans onboard contributed to the US entry in WWI


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