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  1. Henry Ford
  2. Entrepreneur
  3. temperance
  4. Andrew Carnegie
  5. Elizabeth candy Stanton and Susan B Anthony
  1. a Combined the assembly line with auto production
  2. b Against drinking alcohol
  3. c He controlled the steel industry
  4. d People who start a new business; synonym- captains of industry
  5. e worked for women to vote

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  1. Leader of shipping and railroads
  2. Group of soliders that fought in the SpAm War
  3. Policy of aggressive military preparedness; aggressive defensive preparedness
  4. A person (native or naturalized) that owes allegiance to the gov't
  5. an organization that combined workers from many different unions; one from the first union

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  1. Booker t WashingtonCompanies that consist of many parts;sell shares to investors to raise money


  2. Reasons for immigrationImmigrant from southern and eastern Europe; 1885- 1910 Countries: Czechslovakia, Greece, Italy, Hungary, Poland, Russia, Slovac Countries: (Yugo: Serbia, Montenegro) Romania, Bulgaria


  3. urbanizationOrganization for workers of an specific industry


  4. USS MaineBattleship which exploded in Havana Harbor


  5. Booker T. WashingtonPresident Woodrow Wilson's plan for eliminate all future wars


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