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  1. Hawaii
  2. Ottoman Empire
  3. John D. Rockefeller
  4. Franz Ferdinan
  5. 17th Amendment
  1. a German man who visited Sarajevo with his wife Sophie and got assassinated Gavrilo Princip
  2. b Pacific island nation
  3. c Addition to the Constitution allowing direct election of Senators
  4. d He controlled oil industry
  5. e An Empire that joined the Central Powers Group

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  1. Buying from catologue; delivered by railroad or wagon
  2. Man made waterway located in Central America
  3. A violent work stoppage at a Carnegie plant in PA
  4. African American leader who believed in equality through education and accepted segregation
  5. WWI alliance led by Austria- Hungary and Germany and later joined by Bulgaria and the Ottoman Empire

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  1. TenementOrganization for workers of an specific industry


  2. Mass TransitA solution to moving large numbers of people; subway on the street


  3. Rough RidersBuying from catologue; delivered by railroad or wagon


  4. muckrakersjournalist who reported negative conditions of factories, cities, politics


  5. IndustrilationThe growth of industry/ factories


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