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  1. misbegotten
  2. magnanimous
  3. repartee
  4. expunge
  5. affectation
  1. a to delete or omit completely
  2. b witty conversation, retort
  3. c noble, forgiving, patient, tolerant, unresentful
  4. d poorly conceived, poorly planned, based on false assumptions or reasoning
  5. e pretension, shame, pose

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  1. division, break, conflict, clash
  2. flood
  3. covering a wide area or digresing from a topic
  4. watery, aquatic, liquid
  5. old saying, proverb

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  1. wantonlyrelating to sense of smell


  2. contentiouseager to quarrel


  3. circumscribecovering a wide area or digresing from a topic


  4. razedestroy


  5. repudiateknowledgeable and learned


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