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  1. cache
  2. repudiate
  3. repartee
  4. aperture
  5. contentious
  1. a witty conversation, retort
  2. b opening
  3. c eager to quarrel
  4. d hiding place for treasures, stash
  5. e to reject what one was once associated with

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  1. to remove or take off
  2. to scatter or spread widely
  3. conquer, defeat, and chase off
  4. to encircle with a line, limit, outline, bound
  5. scarcity, lack

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  1. quelloverpower, quench


  2. aqueousoverpower, quench


  3. affectationpretension, shame, pose


  4. eruditeto reject what one was once associated with


  5. capricehiding place for treasures, stash


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