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  1. heuristics
  2. event related potentials
  3. working backwards
  4. concepts
  5. artificial concepts
  1. a Cognitive strategies used as shortcuts to solve complex mental tasks; they do not guarantee a correct solution.
  2. b Mental representations of categories of items or ideas, based on experience.
  3. c Brain waves shown on an EEG in response to stimulation.
  4. d Eliminates false starts and can only be used when the end goal is clearly specified.
  5. e Concepts that are defined by rules.

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  1. Children learn language mainly by following an inborn program for acquiring vocabulary and grammar.
  2. Faulty heuristic caused by basing (anchoring) an estimate on a completely unrelated quality.
  3. The order of words in a language.
  4. Faulty heuristic strategy that estimates probabilities based on information that can be recalled from personal experience.
  5. Ignoring or finding fault with information that does not fit our opinions, and seeking information with which we agree.

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  1. underextensionUse a word too widely.


  2. functional fixednessInability to perceive a new use for an object associated with a different purpose.


  3. languageConsists of symbols that convey meaning, plus rules for combining those symbols, that can be used to generate an infinite variety of messages.


  4. phonemesMental representations of categories of items or ideas, based on experience.


  5. grammarA knowledge cluster or general framework that provides expectations about topics, events, objects, people, and situations in one's life.


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