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  1. language acquisition device (LAD)
  2. confirmation bias
  3. script
  4. syntax
  5. natural concepts
  1. a Ignoring or finding fault with information that does not fit our opinions, and seeking information with which we agree.
  2. b A cluster of knowledge about sequences of events and actions expected to occur in particular settings.
  3. c Structure in the brain innately programmed with some of the fundamental rules of grammar.
  4. d The order of words in a language.
  5. e Concepts that represent objects and events.

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  1. Meaningful units of language that make up words.
  2. Language determines thought.
  3. The way an issue is posed; how an issue is framed can significantly affect decisions and judgments.
  4. Children learn language mainly by following an inborn program for acquiring vocabulary and grammar.
  5. Underusing a word.

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  1. conceptsMental representations of categories of items or ideas, based on experience.


  2. working backwardsFaulty heuristic caused by basing (anchoring) an estimate on a completely unrelated quality.


  3. grammarThe rules of a language.


  4. availability biasFaulty heuristic strategy that estimates probabilities based on information that can be recalled from personal experience.


  5. functional fixednessInability to perceive a new use for an object associated with a different purpose.


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