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  1. hindsight bias
  2. morphemes
  3. language acquisition device (LAD)
  4. script
  5. heuristics
  1. a Meaningful units of language that make up words.
  2. b Tendency, after learning about an event, to believe that one could have predicted the event in advance.
  3. c Structure in the brain innately programmed with some of the fundamental rules of grammar.
  4. d A cluster of knowledge about sequences of events and actions expected to occur in particular settings.
  5. e Cognitive strategies used as shortcuts to solve complex mental tasks; they do not guarantee a correct solution.

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  1. The way an issue is posed; how an issue is framed can significantly affect decisions and judgments.
  2. Language determines thought.
  3. Consists of symbols that convey meaning, plus rules for combining those symbols, that can be used to generate an infinite variety of messages.
  4. Underusing a word.
  5. The order of words in a language.

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  1. innateness theory of languageChildren learn language mainly by following an inborn program for acquiring vocabulary and grammar.


  2. working backwardsEliminates false starts and can only be used when the end goal is clearly specified.


  3. mental setThe order of words in a language.


  4. phonemesMeaningful units of language that make up words.


  5. overregularizationApplying a grammatical rule too widely and thereby creating incorrect forms.


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