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  1. heuristics
  2. overregularization
  3. grammar
  4. script
  5. concepts
  1. a Cognitive strategies used as shortcuts to solve complex mental tasks; they do not guarantee a correct solution.
  2. b Mental representations of categories of items or ideas, based on experience.
  3. c Applying a grammatical rule too widely and thereby creating incorrect forms.
  4. d A cluster of knowledge about sequences of events and actions expected to occur in particular settings.
  5. e The rules of a language.

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  1. Underusing a word.
  2. Faulty heuristic strategy based on presumption that, once a person or event is categorized, it shares all features of other members in that category.
  3. Tendency to respond to a new problem in the manner used for a previous problem.
  4. Eliminates false starts and can only be used when the end goal is clearly specified.
  5. Language determines thought.

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  1. event related potentialsBrain waves shown on an EEG in response to stimulation.


  2. confirmation biasFaulty heuristic caused by basing (anchoring) an estimate on a completely unrelated quality.


  3. artificial conceptsConcepts that represent objects and events.


  4. framing effectConsists of symbols that convey meaning, plus rules for combining those symbols, that can be used to generate an infinite variety of messages.


  5. syntaxThe order of words in a language.


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