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Language and Thought Notes Test

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  1. underextension
  2. language
  3. working backwards
  4. anchoring bias
  5. framing effect
  1. a Consists of symbols that convey meaning, plus rules for combining those symbols, that can be used to generate an infinite variety of messages.
  2. b Underusing a word.
  3. c The way an issue is posed; how an issue is framed can significantly affect decisions and judgments.
  4. d Faulty heuristic caused by basing (anchoring) an estimate on a completely unrelated quality.
  5. e Eliminates false starts and can only be used when the end goal is clearly specified.

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  1. Mental representations of categories of items or ideas, based on experience.
  2. Smallest unit of speech with sound.
  3. Language determines thought.
  4. Concepts that are defined by rules.
  5. Tendency to respond to a new problem in the manner used for a previous problem.

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  1. language acquisition device (LAD)Ignoring or finding fault with information that does not fit our opinions, and seeking information with which we agree.


  2. syntaxA cluster of knowledge about sequences of events and actions expected to occur in particular settings.


  3. overextensionUse a word too widely.


  4. grammarA knowledge cluster or general framework that provides expectations about topics, events, objects, people, and situations in one's life.


  5. hindsight biasTendency, after learning about an event, to believe that one could have predicted the event in advance.


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