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  1. malignant
  2. buffoon
  3. void
  4. counterfeit
  5. controversial
  1. a evil, spiteful, malicious
  2. b a clown, a jester
  3. c not real, imitation, copy
  4. d cancel, completely empty
  5. e arguable, debatable, something prompting disagreement

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  1. odd, clever, skillfully made, peculiar, curious
  2. disappoint, foil, cause feelings of discouragement
  3. unusual force, retaliation
  4. to hurt someone's feelings, embarrass, discipline by self-denial
  5. rough up, beat, handle roughly

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  1. reluctantevil, spiteful, malicious


  2. virtualso close as to be like the real thing


  3. inflammableflammable, easily anger


  4. alliancejoin together for a common purpose


  5. disheartenedmost important, extreme, basic, fundamental, terminal


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