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  1. substantial
  2. marginal
  3. iota
  4. hostile
  5. anecdote
  1. a unfriendly, aggressive, warlike
  2. b smidgen, bit,, small amount
  3. c story, short account of someone's life, tale
  4. d significant, not imaginary
  5. e important enough for the purpose, barely good

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  1. obedient, easily led or taught
  2. join together for a common purpose
  3. diplomatic, discreet, polite, skilled in difficult situations
  4. economize, supply in scanty ways
  5. soaked, spiritless

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  1. voidcancel, completely empty


  2. dupestern, savage, cruel, ferocious


  3. dynamicstern, savage, cruel, ferocious


  4. anonymousunknown, nameless, lacking individuality


  5. eradicatemost important, extreme, basic, fundamental, terminal


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