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  1. maul
  2. vengeance
  3. dynamic
  4. procure
  5. substantial
  1. a rough up, beat, handle roughly
  2. b active, forceful, high-powered
  3. c gain, acquire, obtain, bring out
  4. d significant, not imaginary
  5. e unusual force, retaliation

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  1. story, short account of someone's life, tale
  2. arguable, debatable, something prompting disagreement
  3. cancel, completely empty
  4. fool, delude, mislead
  5. odd, clever, skillfully made, peculiar, curious

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  1. reluctantevil, spiteful, malicious


  2. inflammablemost important, extreme, basic, fundamental, terminal


  3. mortifyto hurt someone's feelings, embarrass, discipline by self-denial


  4. hostileunfriendly, aggressive, warlike


  5. tactfulrough up, beat, handle roughly


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