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7th Grade - Vocab test 4/5/6 Test

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  1. alliance
  2. counterfeit
  3. maul
  4. controversial
  5. virtual
  1. a not real, imitation, copy
  2. b arguable, debatable, something prompting disagreement
  3. c so close as to be like the real thing
  4. d join together for a common purpose
  5. e rough up, beat, handle roughly

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. cancel, completely empty
  2. a clown, a jester
  3. runaway, lasting a short time, difficult to grasp
  4. disappoint, foil, cause feelings of discouragement
  5. economize, supply in scanty ways

5 True/False Questions

  1. disheartenedunfriendly, aggressive, warlike


  2. marginalimportant enough for the purpose, barely good


  3. anecdoteobedient, easily led or taught


  4. eradicatedisappoint, foil, cause feelings of discouragement


  5. ultimatedisappoint, foil, cause feelings of discouragement


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