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  1. Carnival
  2. Ecuador
  3. Myanmar
  4. Scotland
  5. Montenegro
  1. a The name of which Eastern European country means "Black Mountain"?
  2. b In 1707, England and Wales formally united with which other territory to form Great Britain?
  3. c Which country is located west of Thailand?
  4. d What holiday brings a great number of tourists to Rio de Janeiro?
  5. e Which country is the world's leading banana exporter?

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  1. Which is the largest lake in Africa?
  2. The mouth of which major river is located in Mozambique?
  3. Which mountain range runs through Austria?
  4. The International Court of Justice and the headquarters of Europol are located in which European city?
  5. Which country was formerly known as the New Hebrides before it gained independence from France and the United Kingdom?

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  1. BeijingWhich is the only English-speaking country in Central America?


  2. TurkeyWhich country is located west of Sweden?


  3. AustraliaWhich country is the world's leading producer of both bauxite and wool?


  4. Papua New GuineaWhat are the natives of Australia called?


  5. RussiaWhich city is the capital of the Republic of Ireland?


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