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  1. Luzon
  2. Qatar
  3. Eritrea
  4. The Black Forest
  5. La Paz
  1. a The source of the Danube River can be found in which forest?
  2. b Which African country separated from Ethiopia in 1993 causing Ethiopia to become landlocked?
  3. c What is the highest capital city in the world?
  4. d Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is located on which island?
  5. e Which country has the highest per capita income?

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  1. What is the smallest autonomous state in the world?
  2. Which country attempted to adjust the International Date Lne so that the entire country would have the same day?
  3. From what European country did Venezuela declare its independence?
  4. Which mountain range runs through Italy?
  5. Gibraltar is controlled by which country?

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  1. EstoniaWhat Baltic state has Talinn as its capital?


  2. PeruMachu Picchu is located in which country?


  3. PortugalBrazil was formerly a colony of what European country?


  4. AndorraWhat is the longest river in Europe?


  5. Lake TanganyikaWhich is the longest freshwater lake in the world?


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