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following the model established by the portuguese, which of the following was not on of the principle of european contact with africa?

widespread european colonization

which of the following was not considered a factor in the develpment of the large kingdoms in africa

collapse of the christian kingdom in ethiopia in the face of muslim advance

how did the profitability of the slave trade compare to that of other contemporary business ventures?

the slave trade was a little more profitable than most business activities of the age and was not a major source for the industrial revolution of europe

what was the term utilized for the commercial arrangement by which african slaves were shipped to teh americas, sugar and tobacco were carried to europe, and european manufactured goods, were transported to africa?

triangular trade

which of the following was a large african state that develped in wester africa during the period of the atlantic slave trade?


British statesman and reformer;
leader of abolitionist movement in English parliament that led to end of English slave trade in 1807

William Wilberforce

which of the following statements concerning resistance to slavery is most accurate?

recalcitrance, running away, and direct rebellion were present wherever slaves were employed.

the slave voyage to the americas was referred to as the

middle passage

which of the following statements concerning slave families is most accurate?

despite enormous difficulties, slaves contiuted to live in family units

Why did slavery pay a bigger role in Africa then any other civilization?

The control of slavery was one or the only way for the wealth & status of individuals to increase

in 1652 what group established a colony at the cape of good hope?

the dutch east india company

what was the average mortality for slaves shipped to the americas in the atlantic slave trade?

18-20 percent

usuman dan fodio's rebellion eventuallyl led to the formation of what caliphal state?


what is the best estimate of the nubmer of african shipped across the atlantic btwn 1450 abd 1850?

12 million

the muslim reform movement of the 1770s that swept through the trade networks in senegambia and the western sudan was what variant islam?


one of the unique features of the east african coast that differeed from the west africa was

the establishment of plantations producing cloves using african slave labor.

how were the british colonies of the southern atlantic coast of north america different from the latin american colonies?

the british colonies depended less on imported africans b/c the positive of growth among the slaves.

the first slaves brought directly to portugal from africa arrived in


which of the following statements about slavery in europe before 1450 was most accurate?

slavery had died out in the middle ages in most of europe except along the military frontiers btwn christians and muslims in the mediterranean

the spanish term for a healthy adult male slave was

indies piece

what area of africa was least affected by the slave trade?

southern africa

What was the political impact of the presence of eruopeans on the african coast?

west and central african kingdoms just inland from the forts began to redirect their trade and expand their influence

what was the demographic impact of the slave trade on africa

the slave trade had the impact of skewing the pop. of central africa in favor of a disproportional number of women

in what century did the atlantic slave trade reach its zenith in terms of numbers of african exported?


in 1818 who assumed leadership in the Zulu chiefdom of the nguni people of southern africa


how did the british organize the shipment of slave to americas?

in britain, the chartered royal african company was granted a monopoly over the shipment of slaves to colonies in the americas

the title given to the supreme civil and religious ruler of the asante kingdom was


what was the average profitability of the english slave trade in the late eighteenth century?

5-10 percent

usuman dan fodio began rebellion in what african kingdom in 1804?


what was the impact of the mfecane?

resulting political disruption sent african groups fleeing before the zulus into both portuguese coastal regions and the boer farms of southern africa

an example of the acceptance of milotic peoples as ruling dynasties among the bantu was the luo at


what development led to an intensification of the portuguese involement in the african slave trade?

develpment of sugar plantations on the atlantic islands of madeira and the canaries

in what manner did the portuguese seize most of the slaes that were transported from africa?

they traded for them with african rulers

In what way did the trans- saharan slave trade differ from that of the atlantic slave trade

the trans-saharan slave trade concentrated on women, but the atlantic slave trade concentrated on young men

which of the african kingdoms was most successfully converted to christianity by portugueses missionaries


under whose rule was unity achieved among the numerous akan clans of asante

osei tutu

which of the following statements concerning the volume of the slave trade to the american colonies is most accurate?

the high volume of the slave trade was a necessity because slave mortality ws high and fertility was low leading to a loss of slave pop.

in what way did the european slave trade enable centralizing states ti expand more rapidly

slaves were traded for fireamrs that allowed expanding states to overpower therif neighbors, resulting in more slaves

Most important of early Portuguese trading factories in forest zone of Africa

El Mina

which of the following statements concerning the ending of the slave trade is most accurate?

while it is true that legitimate products began to replace slaves in the european commerce with africa, its is difficult to demonstrate a link between economic self- interest and the abolition of the slave trade

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