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  1. hooligan
  2. insufficiency
  3. relish
  4. entice
  5. capitulate
  1. a verb- to surrender; to give in; to give up
  2. b noun- inadequacy; deficiency
  3. c verb- attract by offering hope or reward of pleasure; to attract; tempt; persuade
  4. d noun- a young person who is violent or prone to committing crimes; a troublemaker
  5. e verb- to take great pleasure or delight in

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  1. verb- to plan, to develope, to create
  2. adj- planned; intentional; calculated; well thought out
  3. noun- an unintelligent person
  4. adj- not based in fact
  5. noun- bravery or courage

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  1. enamorverb- to fill with love and desire; to charm or captivate


  2. eloquentadj- well spoken; extremely expressive in speech or writting


  3. abashedadj- embarrassed; ashamed


  4. odiousadj- disgusting; offensive


  5. incessantnoun- someone who is not social and outgoing; a shy person


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