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  1. congenial
  2. entice
  3. malcontent
  4. compulsory
  5. knavish
  1. a verb- attract by offering hope or reward of pleasure; to attract; tempt; persuade
  2. b adj- dissatisfied with existing conditions
  3. c adj- required; mandatory
  4. d adj- dishonest, mischievous
  5. e adj- plesantly agreeable; friendly

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  1. noun- an unintelligent person
  2. adj- marked by honor, generosity, or courtesy; valiant; good mannered; couragous; polite
  3. noun- bravery or courage
  4. verb- to come afterward; to follow immediately
  5. adj- implied but not spoken; inferred

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  1. feignverb- to pretend


  2. intolerableadj- unbearable; painful; impossible


  3. forsakeverb- to leave or abandon OR to give up or turn your back on


  4. anarchynoun- a noisy quarrel or fight


  5. loatheverb- to detest or really dislike; to hate


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