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  1. deprecate
  2. antiquated
  3. validate
  4. testy
  5. rebuke
  1. a verb- to express disapproval of; to criticize
  2. b adj- irritable; bad-tempered
  3. c verb- to blame or scold in a sharp way
  4. d adj- out of date; old fashioned
  5. e verb- to declare legally valid; legalize

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  1. verb- to surrender; to give in; to give up
  2. verb- to regard someone with respect and admiration; to respect; to admire
  3. noun- enuthiasm; bubbling with excitement
  4. adj- repulsive; disgusting
  5. adj- not to blame; justified; innocent

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  1. spurnadj- lively, animated, energetic


  2. beseechadj- irritable; bad-tempered


  3. adherentnoun- a follower of a leader; supporter


  4. intolerableadj- unbearable; painful; impossible


  5. dauntingadj- cautious; using good judgement; wise


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