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  1. quest
  2. latent
  3. premeditated
  4. amity
  5. rash
  1. a adj- planned; intentional; calculated; well thought out
  2. b adj- laying hidden or undeveloped; potencial; covert; concealed
  3. c adj- too hasty in acting or speaking
  4. d noun- a mission; a search; a pursuit
  5. e noun- friendship

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  1. verb- to ponder; to reflect upon
  2. adj- out of date; old fashioned
  3. noun- disaster; catastrophe; tragedy
  4. noun- a model or pattern of perfection or excellence
  5. adj- evil sinister

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  1. spurnverb- to reject


  2. sagaverb- to love with foolish fondness; to admire


  3. desolateadj- deserted; barren; bare; gloomy


  4. forsakeverb- to blame or scold in a sharp way


  5. introvertnoun- someone who is very social and outgoing


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