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  1. rebuke
  2. prudent
  3. transfigure
  4. anarchy
  5. mar
  1. a adj- cautious; using good judgement; wise
  2. b verb- to damage or injure, spoil, or ruin
  3. c noun- chaos; disorder; lawlessness
  4. d verb- to change
  5. e verb- to blame or scold in a sharp way

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  1. verb- to make or become greater; to increase
  2. adj- plesantly agreeable; friendly
  3. verb- to ponder; to reflect upon
  4. noun- bravery or courage
  5. noun- inadequacy; deficiency

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  1. deprecateverb- to beg


  2. speculativeadj- deserted; barren; bare; gloomy


  3. sagaverb- to damage or injure, spoil, or ruin


  4. disparageverb- to put down (make fun of); to mock; to belittle


  5. fraynoun- a noisy quarrel or fight


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