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  1. calamity
  2. abide
  3. elucidate
  4. plethora
  5. inundate
  1. a verb- to make clear or fully explain
  2. b verb- to overwhelm with abundance or excess
  3. c verb- to put up with; tolerate
  4. d noun- a lot; a superabundance of something
  5. e noun- disaster; catastrophe; tragedy

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  1. noun- a premonition; a sense that something is about to occur
  2. verb- to regard someone with respect and admiration; to respect; to admire
  3. noun- fear; anxiety; uneasiness
  4. noun- a noisy quarrel or fight
  5. noun- enuthiasm; bubbling with excitement

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  1. intolerableadj- unbearable; painful; impossible


  2. languidadj- lazy; lacking ingterest; relaxed; unenergetic


  3. inquisitiveadj- curious; eager for knowledge


  4. obliviousadj- unaware of or paying no attention to someone or something; unaware


  5. wilyadj- crafty; sly


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