7.2 BYU SPAN 43 Additional Reflexive Verbs

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12 terms · Some of the reflexive verbs are stem-changing verbs (verbs that have a spelling change at the beginning of the word — usually e i, e ie, or o ue). These stem-changing verbs change in each person but the first person plural (nosotros) and second person plural (vosotros) forms. The verbs that are stem-changing verbs need to be memorized (and used) to be remembered.

to go to bed

acostarse (o > ue)

to shave


to get ready


to bathe


to brush


to have fun

divertirse (e > ie)

to fall asleep

dormirse (o > us)

to leave


to wash up, or brush teeth


to put on (clothes or makeup)


to take off (clothes)


to sit down

sentarse (e > ie)

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