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  1. Muffler Required
  2. Auxiliary Driving Lamps
  3. Turn Signal lamps
  4. Vehicles and Equipment Subject to Inspection
  5. Multiple-Beam Lighting
  1. a ~MV, trailer, semitrailer, pole trailer, or mobile home registered in Texas.
    ~Moped is subject to inspection in the same manner as a motorcycle except only the brakes, headlamps, rear lamps, and reflectors must comply with standards prescribed by 547.408 and 547.801.
  2. b ~16-42 inches in height.
  3. c ~Shall be equipped with a muffler in good working condition that continuously operates to prevent excessive or unusual noise.
  4. d ~Front:white or amber or color between white and amber; Rear:red or amber or color between red and amber.
  5. e ~Operator must select lowermost distribution of light or composite light when approaching oncoming vehicle within 500 feet; or approaching vehicle from behind within 300 feet.

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  1. ~Red.
    ~15-60 inches in height.
  2. ~59 feet - semitrailer operated in a truck-tractor and semitractor combination.
    ~28.5 feet - semitrailer or trailer operated in a truck-tractor, semitrailer, trailer combination.
  3. ~MV's year model 1948 or later other than motorcycle or motor driven cycles shall be equipped with a beam indicator lighted only when uppermost distribution of light is in use.
  4. ~Red flags.
    ~Flags at least 12 inches square.
    ~At least 4 feet beyond the bed or body of the vehicle.
    ~Loads beyond the sides or more than 4 feet beyond the vehicle's rear shall display red flags.
  5. ~backup lamps emit light only when the vehicle is not moving forward

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  1. Safety Belts Required~Front Safety belts if safety belt anchorages were part of manufacturer's original equipment.


  2. Tail lamps~backup lamps emit light only when the vehicle is not moving forward


  3. Vehicles and Equipment Subject to Inspection~& warning devices; mirrors; windshield wipers; sun screening devices unless except by 547.601; tax decal if required by 548.104 (d)(1); exhaust system; exhuast emission system; fuel tank cap; emissions control equipment.


  4. Maximum Height~Red.
    ~15-72 inches in height.
    ~must be visible 1000 feet.


  5. Brakes Required~Not required if gross weight is 4500 lbs, or less; or if heavier than 4500 lbs, but not heavier than 15000 lbs. If drawn at speed of not more than 30 mph.


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