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  1. whats the metabolic building of simple comounds into substance needed by cells
  2. a response in the superficial blood vessel that incereses heat loss
  3. the vitamin that prevenmts dry scaly skin and night blindness
  4. another name for vitamin d3 and is required for normal bone function
  5. an organic substance produced when a muscle is generating energy in the absence of oxygen
  1. a calcium ferol
  2. b vitamin a
  3. c dialation
  4. d lactic acid
  5. e anabolism

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  1. poly
  2. hypothalamus
  3. vitamin k
  4. deamination
  5. idoine

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  1. geat loss resultingfrom the conservation of a liquid suchh as perspiration to a vaporevaporation


  2. awhats an organic product of gluclose catabolism that can be cmpletly oxidized within the mitochondrianonessential


  3. a mineral important in blood clotting and muscle contractioncalcium


  4. protein components that must be taken in as part of the dietessential


  5. whats the amount of energy needed to accomplish necessary cell functions at restbasil rate


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