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  1. another name for vitamin d3 and is required for normal bone function
  2. carbohydrates with a low glyemic effect
  3. an organic substance produced when a muscle is generating energy in the absence of oxygen
  4. the characterisitic element in hemoglobin the oxygen carrying compund in the blood
  5. a mineral important in blood clotting and muscle contraction
  1. a iron
  2. b calcium ferol
  3. c poly
  4. d calcium
  5. e lactic acid

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  1. 37
  2. 60% carbs 25% fat 15% protein
  3. vitamin a
  4. glycogen
  5. trans fatty acids

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  1. whats the first anaerobic phase of cellular respirationglycolsis


  2. the mineral component of thyroid hormonesconduction


  3. awhats an organic product of gluclose catabolism that can be cmpletly oxidized within the mitochondriapyruvic acid


  4. Whats the term that describves any reaction that does not require any oxygenglycolsis


  5. the vitmain needed to prvent anemia digestive disordersidoine


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