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  1. whats the metabolic building of simple comounds into substance needed by cells
  2. whats the first anaerobic phase of cellular respiration
  3. a mineral important in blood clotting and muscle contraction
  4. a mineral that promotes carbon dioxide transport and energy metabolism
  5. the transfer of heat to the surround air
  1. a conduction
  2. b glycolsis
  3. c anabolism
  4. d calcium
  5. e zinc

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  1. saturated fats
  2. 37
  3. nonessential
  4. vitamin a
  5. essential

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  1. inorganic elements needed for proper ntritionminerals


  2. the vitmain needed to prvent anemia digestive disordersidoine


  3. the change that occurs in blood vessels of skin if too much heat is being lost from the bodyiron


  4. Whats the term that describves any reaction that does not require any oxygenglycolsis


  5. complex organic molecules that are essential for metabolismvitamins


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